Casino Trip with my wife

Part One
My wife and I took a trip to see some relatives in Ohio and Indiana the other week. After there a while we found out thru my brother that a Casino was now operating down at the Ohio River on the Indiana side, so we thought it would be nice to go. Now, I am a white sissy who loves to dress up and be the femme for men. Of course my wife doesn’t know or any of the relatives. However, my Master is Master Stephen who happens to live in Ohio, not close to where we were going as far as I knew. He knows me very well a sto my likes and my true girl nature. During the trip, and a few days before we went to the Casino I snuck emails and chats with my Master Stephen who has really helped me to understand the girl i am..inside. I didnt realize how much I truly missed dressing up and even just simply wearing my bra and panties each day.
At the casino we got rooms and soon took showers and got ready. After i took my shower my wife was already dressed, wearing a short leopard print skirt, black high heels boots, suntan stockings, and a somewhat low cut light black sweater top. She asked me if it looked alright...was it alright to wear? Well being at a Casino i told her it was fine..back of my mind im thinking OMG wish I could wear looked hot. As for me? regular jeans and a guy shirt..i wanted to wear one of my bras and pair of panties but i left them all at home so as not to get caught by my wife. I hated it soo much.
We played the games for a while, had some wine..played more games. My brother and his wife went over to the hotel to their room after about an hour. I lost money at every game i played and i saw my wife really getting a bit irritated about it. One more time and then we’d go I told her...she didn’t want to gamble any more so she stayed at the lounge area while i went to play. Back to the penny machines and i really felt i was going to hit it this time. That’s when I felt my ass suddenly slapped and my arm held tightly...and i soon saw Master Stephen, my online Master standing there right by me. My heart raced and felt as though it dropped immediately. He knows how i am. He knows i love to dress up and be the girl i am. He knows i adore sucking and servicing cocks even though i am married. Without a moment to waste He told me to go to the mens room with Him. I did as told and soon Master Stephen had me take his cock out and suck him until he was finished with me. He slapped his now wet cock against my cheeks leaving drops of his cum juices. “Don’t wipe it off Sabrinagirl” he told me..and i did as told. NOW what do i do i wondered, but it wasnt long to find out. Master Stephen took me by total surprise. He told me to go back to the 1 cent game machine i was playing. Along the way He wanted to know why i was there, why i didnt invite Him, why i wasnt dressed in my usual bra and panties like I am when he is online with me. I could not resist or dance around His questions. I told Him the whole story except about my wife being with me. Then I went to buy him a another drink as he had ordered me to do at the side bar where my wife was sitting watching a large TV screen. I was desperately hoping she would not notice me, but she did. I gestured to her..”be right back, I’m doing real good sweety” from a distance, and went back to Master Stephen to serve Him his drink. Now, maybe Master Stephen will go and i can get out of there i thought. As soon as he finished he took me to another restroom closer by the bar and made me remove his cock again, and suck him. I was so afraid my wife would see me passing the bar but apparently she didn’t. Again inside the restroom I did as told. “that’s my obedient sissy Sabrinagirl” he told me as my lips kissed his balls and licked them, then up to feel his cock head part my sissy lips again...spreading them open to accept his hard cock again. His hands on my head, fingers in my pony tailed hair as he used my mouth to fuck and fuck and fuck like the true sissy girl i am to service cocks. Again on my knees before my Master Stephen i serviced sucked his cock with all the pent up desire for cock that i had. This time Master Stephen shot his load onto my face and into my hair. Again, he slapped his wet cock across my face..”nice cock sucking my lil Sabrinagirl” he told me, then made my lick clean his cock, and put it back in his pants. By now im really wondering what my wife is thinking being that im away so long. As we left that restroom i noticed my wife still watching TV and fortunately she didnt see me. Master Stephen had me get him another drink but at a different bar closer to the Black Jack tables. He soon drank it down as i played the cheap 1 cent machine next to the card table area sectioned off. Looking around Master Stephen had me walk with him away from the games. Soon his eyes were on someone...he told me to go see the man he was pointing out. I did as i was told. Master Stephen was right behind me as i approached the man. i had no idea what to say or anything, then loudly behind me “My sissy sabrinagirl wants to service your manhood” he told the Black man. OMG my heart raced so quickly at his words being said so openly. The Black man looked me up and down..chuckled a little...”saw ya before at the bar with your pretty wife. fuck i knew you were a lil sissy cock sucker just lookin at ya white boi”. My heart pounded right out of my chest.
Part Two

Master Stephen jerked me turning me around..”your wife is here Sabrinagirl”? he quickly questioned me. Obviously i couldn’t lie to him now. Sheepishly i answered “well... yeee yes..yes..yes Sir Master Stephen” feeling all my senses rushing all thru my body. my hands shaking, my chest trembling, my knees feeling weak. Now it was out, now it was all out. Master Stephen chuckled, smiled really big and told me to go suck the Black mans cock in the hallway behind the 25 cent machines. “come on sissy girl and gimme some of that throat bitch” the Black stranger told me...and i did as told but now was completely unsure of what was to happen. I followed the Black man, who apparently was a regular there cause he knew the place well, thru a small door and into a long vacant corridor. As he turned around about half way down the corridor i immediately dropping to my knees as the somewhat trained sissy girl my Master Stephen has been training me to do. “That’s nice sabrinagirl” he told me. “instinctual and ready to serve my Black dick”.

Without being told i unzipped his pants and took out his Black meat marvelling at the sight before me. OMG he was very very dark, and with large big veins, and thick..ohh so thick! As his pants dropped to the floor my fingers gently touched his Black hairy balls feeling them, rubbing them as my lips automatically parted to taste his dark cock head. I marvelled at not only the size but the sheer beauty of such a wonderful cock now before me. Instantly ALL thoughts of my wife were now totally gone from my mind....ALL i want was this Black stranger’s cock to service and to please and to adore and to feel him going between my sissy lips and into my feel his true manhood to feel my tongue dance around his magnificent dark cock be able to serve such a superior Black dick and receive his Black seed juices soon to be shooting into my mouth, to taste and swallow it all had instantly overcome me. My lips parted so open as i took this Black man’s dick into my sissy mouth making him moan quickly. His large dark hands held my head as i began to truly sucking his massive thick Black hand massaged his Black hairy balls as he quickly took control of me. “suck it sabrinagirl..fuck yeaaa you good lil cocksucker bitch”. His words filled the corridor as i kept on pleasing this wonderful Black dick that i felt so gracious to service. I so wanted to be fully dressed up in my girl clothes with high heels, stockings, mini skirt, and everything but i’m taking what i can get. Kneeling before this superior Black man with my mouth being used by him to satisfy His sexual needs...what a thrill.. my duty to service and please Him as my Master ordered me to do. My lips spread wide and stretched open as i try to manage His Black cock hitting the back of my throat. “suck it bitch sabrinagirl” he says loudly. i bob my head up and down on his Black dick with his large veins popping out so much i can feel them across my lips. “take it you fuckin lil white sissy whore bitch”. his words are increasingly dirtier as i keep sucking and pleasing the Black dick in my mouth. i then feel him grab my pony tail and jerk my head forward..his Black cock head slips down my throat as i gag and gag on him. he pumps in and out in and out slidin ghis massive thick Black dick over my tongue and down my throat..i soon smelll his dark Black pubic hair as the last bit of his dick now easily slides down my throat. “fuuuck yea sissy fuckin whore sissy bitch sabrinagirl” he yells out.. it echoes throughout the corridor. my mouth throat lips so open so pleasing to Him as he uses me to gain His sexual release. fucking my face like a lil sissy girl. Continually pumping in and out and down my cock sucking throat the large Black man im kneeling before goes faster and faster, a loud yell and he shoots his Black seed cum juices into my throat. im forced to drink and swallow the best i can. i gag and gag choke as i try to swallow but his massive thick dick blocks it. i feel his hands release my ponytail and slowly sooo ever slowly he lets his Black dick slip out of my throat until just his Black head is in my mouth. Tears fill my eyes and i gasp for air..”fuckin good lil sissy cocksuckin bitch” he tells me. “clean my dick off white sissy whore”. i do as he says feeling my lips, tongue, mouth and throat so sore from his Black dick. I lick and clean and kiss and lick and clean his Black cock off completely until He is satisfied with me. He zips his pants up and as he starts to leave me I hear the door at the far end of the corridor open and slam closed. i immediately stand up and start to walk away..OMG i think to myself i cant get caught here doing this. Two Black men walking towards us are talking loudly, and i hear them talking about me...”there’s the lil white sissy whore”. They say they saw what i was doing on the security cameras and want their Black dicks sucked also. The Black man i just sucked off laughs and laughs and laughs, then tells them he figured they would be watching. Just then i truly felt set up, but nothing i could do or would even be able to do about it. After all i am just a weak submissive sissy girl. He turns to me “suck my bruthas good you lil white sissy bitch”....and i’m quickly taking 2 more Black dicks to service to full completion.