carribean islands or good ole USA?

In the experience of those who have gone this route before, which is the best island (including the bahamas) to get your wife flirted with and fucked by bbc..and how is it accomplished? Do they just ASSUME all are looking, do they have a way of knowing your looking to share her pussy?? Do YOU have to go looking, or will they come to you? is it a beach thing? a bar thing? Is a resort better and safer? is any one island better than the others? Jamaica? Tortuga? West Indies? Turks and Caico? Or is staying on the good ole mainland a better way..aka mandingo parties etc.
How did YOU fare and was it her first time going black?


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Most definitely a trip to Jamaica; have her put on a sexy sundress (no panties or bra), wear some classy "I want to fuck bbc" jewelry, and let her go ... the black guys will see her and know EXACTLY what she's after ... but, I suggest you don't wait up for her.

cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet3.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet4-tattoo.jpg cuck_jewelry-earrings2.jpg cuck_jewelry-necklaceBBC-inGOLD.jpg cuck_jewelry-QspadeEarrings.jpg