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Caring British cuck looking for LT partner

I am by nature a very loving and caring guy but at the same time a cuckold who loves white women who like big black men - how do I and other interracial cuckolds reconcile caring for and loving a partner but also get such a thrill out of seeing her with and knowing she likes big black men? Can the sexual fetish be reconciled with a loving long-term relationship?

I know that when I state I'm looking for a white girl who likes big black men it appears as if I'm objectifying the girl and she is no more than an object, but that isn't meant to be the case. It is only the starting point from which I hope will spring a fully-fledged and loving relationship. I'm sure other cuckolds feel the same but have similar problems in conveying their feelings and desires.

I'm aware that most females can't grasp the cuckold concept and fetish as I think it's largely a male-male phenomenon involving alpha and beta males and male-male competition. This is probably more pronounced with black males & white males as the black men are usually bigger and stronger and perhaps it taps into some primal sexual phenomenon where smaller males get sexually excited by being submissive to dominant males. The sexual arousal at being submissive then allows the dominant males to mate with the females without having to compete with the beta males and this increases group harmony. Just a theory.

Anyway regardless of its origins quite a few of us white guys have deep desires to find and care for a white girl who likes big black men. I, and other white cuckolds feel that we can have a loving sexual relationship too but we genuinely feel that we want our partners to experience a kind of sexual satisfaction that we can't give them. This is a sexual satisfaction that can best be sated by mating with a big black man, and that experience cannot be had with a cuckold male no matter how loving and affectionate he may be.

I think a female's femininity is only enhanced by her wanting to fuck an alpha black man and this makes her more attractive to a cuckold. The fact that I want my partner to experience sex with big blacks doesn't detract from the fact that I care for her deeply, I just want her to experience a pleasure that I can't give. Yes, it also turns me on too knowing my partner likes black men, and this is why us cucks specify we want a BBC loving female at the outset of a relationship - and this undoubtedly makes us look odd in the eyes of most.

I love interracial sex between white women and big black men and want to share this with a partner. I know so many white cucks feel the same but it's not easy to admit in this society. Love is supposed to be displayed by a monogamous relationship where both partners are 'true' to each other regardless of sexual or other disappointments. Why should sexual pleasure only be something your partner gives you? I want my partner to be happy regardless of who is giving her pleasure and I hope that this is reciprocated, although having a cuckold mentality I don't desire any other partner.

Cuckolding may tap into a very primal male-male competitive streak but it can lead to a fulfilling relationship in the modern world, I have no doubt about this. So ladies please give us more consideration when looking for a partner. We can offer a stable long-term relationship with the added thrill of black men being an ongoing part of your life.