Caravan park sex


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kim and I were up North Queensland taking in the warm weather , we stopped in a park just outside Cairns the cabin was very nice and comfortable as I emptied the luggage Kim went for a walk.
Returning she told me that the beach had nudist sign pointing to the far end.
The next day we decided to visit the far end and sure enough there were plenty of naked bodies , as we found a spot it wasn't long before we had visitors , they were of all ages and size but made us very welcome , Kim's body is still in good shape and was a hit with most of the men and some of the ladies.
That evening we were invited to a BBQ where we met moor people , clothes were an option but many did come nude , as the evening went on I noticed Kim enjoying the attention and eventually she removed her dress and walked around naked , two of the group were young and singled Kim out to chat too.
There attention were noticed by other couples who joined in the fun and they moved to a darker area , around an hour later I went looking for her and to my surprise she was on her knees sucking around four very hard cocks with the other women kissing there men as Kim sucked, as I looked on a man came behind me and remarked how lovely my wife was, can we fuck her ,he asked, I answered why not she wants it by the look of it.he went over pulled her up stuck his tongue down her throat led her to a table spread her legs and shoved his cock to the hilt , he filled her then each man fucked her while the women watched.
I thought that would be the end,I was wrong the two younger men took her to a bed and double fucked.
We stayed for a week and moor tales can be told !!