Can I have your opinons on my wifes story please

IMAG1747_1-648x349.jpg wpid_IMAG0053_3_648x800_1.jpg IMAG1410-648x1152.jpg wpid_img2.jpg IMAG1411-648x1152.jpg IMAG1749_1-648x506.jpg Hello guys my wife and I are married 5 years and we have two kids together but things are kinda slowly falling apart at the moment noting serious but the sex isn't the same and I can't stretch her anymore and I can feel it while she is fucking me that she is backing up and down my cock further trying to get more from it but that’s not the reason I am on here I just want your honest opinions guys my wife was a virgin when we got married I was the only guy that ever fucked her well back then any way we have watched lots of interracial porn and I have bought her lots of realistic black dildos that was bigger than my penis and she smashed her pussy with them but only when she was drunk I heard her moaning and screaming while fucking them dildos like she never did while fucking me she also allowed me to post nude pics of her on this site inthe past and then she would read the guys comments and then fuck me really hard after reading them
she was also once texting a black guy on facebook while fucking me and sending him pics of her ass on top of me while fucking my cock telling him what she was doing tome and it really turned her on so I even offered to her a few times that I’ll allow her to fuck a black guy but she would also say no she is not like that she has no problem posing naked and she gives the best blow job ever she also loves attention and I know it and whenever I’m talking to some guys she always tried to get involved in the conversation she loves to wear tight jeans and really short shorts her most wildest time is when she is drinking alcohol she is well able to take as much pounding as you can give her
we where on holidays recently and there was lots of blacks guys always around and talking to her and pretty much getting attention if you know what I mean then one night on holidays we came back to the hotel after a night out at the club we were drunk and she started telling me oh I could of getting fucked some many times on this holiday she said while you were in the bathroom in the clubt his black guy came behind and rubbed his big black cock against my ass she said it was so big and hard it was huge she said so I left her continue to speak and she also said that yesterday honey while I was in the gift shop and you were outside the black shop keeper was telling me he wanted to lay me down and fuck me and stretch my pussy with his big black cock she said it's all making me so horny she was sticking her tounge in myear and literally eating me and continued to tell me about hugeblack cocks while she was fucking me she carried on talking dirty while fucking me it was like she was possessed or something next morning when we woke upshe denied it all and started crying and said that she doesn't know what she was saying that she is happy with me and faithful to me and no body else she tries to convince me that she is a faithful housewife and mother but I doubt it give her alcohol and all her shyness is gone I won't lie I'd love to see her get pounded and used like a little slut well I mean if that's what she is Id like to see it come out of her I didn't see her in about two weeks I had to leave town for a few weeks due to work and we had a little bit of an argument before I left so we weren't speaking since and she has gone to her mum's house I will be home in two weeks and she will come home no problem it's nothing serious but as I was saying and on everything I have told you can you guys be honest and tell me your honest opinions on her because she has me all confused 1, is she a black cock slut 2, a slut for any cock 3, or the faithful housewife she considers she is