Can any couples help us in the north east of England


Real Person
Hi Guys

We are are hoping that somebody may be able to help us???. (without sending links to other websites, that you have to pay for)

We are finding it difficult to find BBC in the north east of England, can any of you you recommend a black guy who likes spending time with couples, or can any of you recommend "us" to a black guy that you have a good time with , "if you you don't mind sharing"?

A little about us - We are both i our late 30's and in good shape, we have had an alternative lifestyle since we first met (18 years ago, so this is nothing new to us) we have met two black guys so far but neither one worked out, the first ended up having a deadline to meet elsewhere (double booked himself, so that didn't work out) the second guy was really nice but just too nervous, (we even met him again twice but he was just too nervous and it didn't work out.

So in short can any of you guys put us in touch with anyone from the North East of England who is into married couples.

PS. forgot to mention cuck is not a sissy and like to join in or watch, but can stay off for the right guy.

Please help if you can

Its hard to find couples and bbc's from England in here.
Never the less, im not far from newcastle at the moment. If you interested, id be happy to oblige your wife in your presence.