Can a BBC save you marriage?


If your realtionship is going through bad times because you've fallen into routine, or you just dont feel the sparkle of love while you have sex and your marriage need some spiced up events...
Do you think cuckoldry can be a solution?
I've heard (read) sometime people say something like: we needed to warm up a little our sex sessions, we weren't so close anymore....
Do you think it could be a good fix?

And, if that bbc saved you marriage, shouldn't you be the most thankful man to that guy?


My vote is generally a big ole no. Genuine old fashioned communication is the still key...IMHO. Yes cuckolding has worked BUT with communication and real efforts to work together. In and of itself, cuckolding has no magic to fix tanking relationships in fact its like grabbing a good dose of gasoline when the fire is out of control...danger. Take time to sit down and open up with one another... listen to them with an open mind and empty schedule. If there is a desire on both sides to start sexy additions then be sure its mutual and welcomed. That's all I got... our best to you both!!


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Totally agree, rkc ... glad to see another new member with logical thinking join our ranks.

.....There's nothing wrong with admitting when a relationship is simply not working ... it happens. People grow apart all the time ... interests change, circumstances change ... things just happen. But, what you should try to do is first determine why it isn't working, not experiment with bringing in 3rd party influences who could care less about your marriage or relationship. Sex is but a small part of an overall relationship, and usually the first thing couples do when they come together, thus they tend to put very little time in getting to know their life long partners.
.....If your partner shows little interest in trying to reach the real solution to the couple boredom, then adding another person isn't going to build that bond between them back. I always encourage married couples to seek help, first, particularly when there are children involved.
.....Good luck, however, with whatever solution you try.


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It almost ruined mine, but in the end it made things really good.
I think that a couple has to be willing to be honest and if it's because the white hubby is a bad lover or more likely that he has such a small white dick then well, she should have to feel bad if hubby lo rd her then with their relationship they should feel safe to say what's bothering each other .. For the women they should let rationship issues and tensions to build too long .. Once levels of frustration get too far it may some overwheming to both .. Women are raised being told that they must do all they can to be a good girl and. to be good for their partners .. and so when things don't go well the girl blames herself when if early on she were honest were her hubby they could work together to make the best of things .. Guys basically will do must anu thi g to see to it that their wife/gf need pleasure that they can't get with him and because they can't make a white dick big then we'll after some research surely he will discover that it's very likely that she needs a guy that's a better lover and who has a big cock and so I'm hopeful that he will find this site and start to learn about BBCs and with some luck and the right geography he or they as a couple will find the right black l9her to introduce her/to the wonders of BBCs

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I think it depends on the situation. SAVE? a marriage? probably not. Enhance it? make it more exciting?
The longevity I've managed with a few couples is because they were open and honest with each other. Where they were physically and mentally in their lives. I didn't save shit. I am damn lucky to have what I got.

I have help some with their marriage. It got them to open up and communicate. Depends on the situation like JAMES J said. different people, different situations.