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Camps/ Programs

Zanu PF in Zimbabwe had camps for the upcoming new trainees. Part of the 'training' that took part in these camps involved bring white women to the camps so that the new trainees could have their inbuilt respect and awe of white women removed by demonstrations of both sexual power and social power over such women.
When the trainees saw white women squirming, moaning and sweaty beneath thrusting Africans they saw that white women were no different to other women. It was part of the re-education of black Zimbabwean males so that when they saw them jumping to commands to strip, suck cock or spread their legs and witnessed the white sexual arousal and excitment of these white women the trainees were taught that such opportunities would be available to them if they followed orders and that they just needed confidence in their own power and authority over such women and then the women would respond once that power had been established by allowing themselves to be fucked.
Not just that women often responded to male authority figures by spreading their legs but that white women and girls were no different in this respect.
The whole ethos of these camps was carrot and stick, back Zanu PF in controlling the country and the rewards would be sexual as well as career/wealth. That they were not just settling for African control of the government but also of all aspects of the community.
I passed one such camp on the road between Harare and Mutare, and spoke to one white woman who had spent a weekend in that camp and she had described it was one long gang fuck.
I second type of operation was run through Church Camps. Early in our time in Zimbabwe my wife and daughter were invited to a weekend Church Camp and asked for my approval of her and our daughter going to the camp. She showed me the list of those invited. I pointed out that there were no white men, or boys invited on this weekend, despite their being many white men and boys in the Church congregation. I then noticed that there no black women from the Church congregation on the list, only black men. My wife who at the time was not involved with her African lover decided of her own volition that this was indeed odd and decided not to go.
Many, many months later I was told that these Church camps resulted in a lot of pregnancies and another woman told us they were more like breeding camps than Church Camps
African owned private boarding schools have detailed sexual awareness and sexual health programs which parents sign up to anxious to avoid the sexual pitfalls of disease and pregnancy in Africa. These programs are often 'hands on' programmes. Two women I knew toop part in a two week school 'field trip.' The parents paid £2,000 for a two week nature trip to safe secluded islands on Lake Kariba. The 'chaperones' and girls invited on these trips were carefully chosen to ensure there were no complaints afterwards.
One of the women 'escorts' told me that when the girls arrived on the island they were greeted by senior government figures, senior army commanders and security officers and allocated to cabins they rarely left for the following two weeks.
One school we know had two open days. One the usual school open day for parents. The second for the schools owners,senior businessman and African politicians to come and make their choice of the girls for the year ahead.
I doubt that any arrangements of this nature would survive any sort of scrutiny in the west, but in African countries there is no free press, no rocking of often one party political rule, no legal or community based restraint on such activity.
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