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But I am too old

Here a few weekends ago I was over at a buddy of mine's house me and his wife was upstairs and I was pounding the hell out of her tight little pussy and she was screaming pretty loud as I fucked her like the little slut she is. now when I got there there was supposed to be nobody home just her my buddy doesn't know his wife licks To have some black cock.
Now my buddies mother-in-law live with him and she was supposed to be gone at the time and as me and Amy got the fucking apparently she had come home and I'm sure Ashley walked into the house she got an earful of her daughter screaming, (oh me with your tic-tac-toe yes I need your big black cock yes fuck me hard.) now I had been fucking Amy's fat ass for about two hours so We don't know exactly what time her mother came home but when Amy headed to the bathroom I decided to go downstairs and get a drink. and as I won't passed Amy's mother's bedroom I looked in and was surprised to see Mrs. J laying on her bed and it looked like to me she was masturbating,
I returned upstairs with a couple of beers Amy was laying on the bed I handed her a beer and she took a drink as I lay down on the bed and Amy went to work sucking my cock. Amy sucked and licked on my cock into she had me completely hard again and I rolled her over on her stomach lifted her but in the air and slid my cock balls deep into her pussy,now me and Amy fell asleep after I finished fucking her that second time.The next morning Amy tell me she had to go to work but to make myself at home and she would see me around 3 o'clock that afternoonI asked her what if someone comes home,Amy just laughed and said her husband was out of town her mom was out of town it was just her there at home.
Now I was sitting downstairs watching TV and just my underwear when Mrs. J come walking from upstairsshe looked at me and said hello Mr. Willis you're still hereI told her that Amy tell me to just wait for her to get home, Ms. J set in a chair across from me and ask how long have me and her daughter Been fucking?I looked over at Mrs. J and said I've been fucking her daughter for about three years now.she asked me if her son-in-law John knew that I was not given his wife,I told her no his little bitch ass didn't know shit.she told me that she didn't like this whole thing of black man fucking white womenshe wasn't raised that way she didn't raise her daughters to be that way, I told Mrs. J that it had nothing to do with her raising it all had to do with her needing a real cock in her.
I looked over at Mrs. J and ask her if she would like to try some of my cock, mrs. J face turned red as I asked her. Mrs. J quickly replied that she was not a slut, I asked her if she was afraid of realizing it is true what they say. She asked what does that me? And I replied when a white woman goes black she won't go back and I told her just asked her daughter.
We both sit there in silence for several minutes before Mrs. J got up and said she was going to go change her clothes, now I heard in that sentence i'm going upstairs taking off all my clothes and hoping you will come upstairs and Fuck me with that cock of yours.
Now Mrs. J headed up the stairs and just a few seconds after she got to the top the stairs I got up and headed up the stairsnow as I got her bedroom door it was standing wide open she was standing by her bed completely naked and as I walked up behind her I put my hands on her waist and pushed my cock in her backside, mrs. J suddenly said. ( look I've only had sex with two man and I haven't had sex in about 14 years so please if I say stop please stop.) Eileen down and whispered into Mrs. Jay-Z are and said you won't say stop, now as Mrs. J lay down on her bed I could tell that she was a little nervous,
Ajlune sitdown at her and said look baby don't worry I will be real gentle with you. Mrs. J spoke up and said I am too old for this I am 64 for crying out loud, now I thought for a 64-year-old woman she look pretty damn hot she's good about 5 foot tall and yes her hair was a blondish white color and she did have some beautiful blue eyes and yes her titties sag just a little but she had some big nipples and yes you could definitely tell she was old-school by the thick curly gray bush between her legs.

Now as I climbed between Mrs. J legs she told me that I would need some lubricant because she doesn't get very wet so I took a bottle of hand lotion on her nightstandand started lubricating my cock with it and after I had my cock good lubricated with her hand lotion Eileen Dan and slowly finished the head of my cock into her, mrs. J let out a scream louder then her daughter did I stopped pushing in and ask if she wanted me to stop I was surprised when she said no.
I only had about half of my call in Mrs. Jay's pussy when she cried out that she can't take no more, Eileen Dan and started kissing her and found out that this 64-year-old woman love to kiss and as I started playing with her nipples she started jerking as her nipples were very sensitive.
I slowly started withdrawing my Shaft till just only the head was still in her and With a hard thrust I forst my cock deep into her pussy again and again, mrs. Jay's pussy was extremely tight around my cock and as I continue to rest my cock deep into her pussy this 64-year-old woman who started having a massive organs and it was like she was possessed with a slut demon or something, (0oooooooohhhhhh your cock, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh your cock is so good oh fuck you fuck my pussy so good.)after she had her massive orgasm Mrs. J started having multiple orgasms within a few minutes of each other. I love Mrs. J through multiple orgasms before I finally shove my cock deep into her pussy and shot my load off in her.
When I finally climbed out of bed with her I turned and told her the next time I fuck her I wanted her pussy completely shaved clean, now I can tell you last night when I pick Mrs. J up at her house and got her back to my house and I got her out of her dress and her pussy was completely shaved. Next time I will tell you about Mrs. J first blowjob.