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Bulls sharing cuckold wife?


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It is not uncommon in my experience. My ex was passed around to friends of her regular bull. There is like a circle of women that the bulls probably share amongst themselves. One time 2 guys just showed up at our door and said her bull's name had sent them and off we all went to the bedroom. She never even questioned it and took good care of both of them while I "supervised". We never had a clue who those guys even were.


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When I was seeing my regular guy last Summer he asked if I would double up with one of his friends, I said no. Later when we stopped seeing each other, he said he would help me meet up with one of his friends. I found out later he had passed my name, photo and number to a list of his friends. After meeting a couple I did begin to feel like a 'passaround girl' and it didnt feel great.
Im not sure if being 'shared' is that nice a prospect, but if some ladies are cool with it, then I wish them well X.
I have noticed that about the black men my wife has been with, they like to share! They'll fuck Amie and then hand her off to another man and seem to have no problem dipping their cock into her after another has cummed inside her.
some men don't mind or like sloppy 2nd or 3rd etc. and then again when you share your wife with a black man why shouldn't he pas her to friends if she's good and or if he is tired of her and wants to pas her on, also guess black men are more sharing in nature, white men might have a more possessive nature like what's mine is mine.
Just a thought.
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