Bulls need TLC too !!

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    2014 Was a good year for me and it was a year I put to good use. I'm one of those people that likes to broaden and deepen my knowledge when something is of great interest to me. The cuckolding of couples is one of those things. The more I got to know couples both in conversation and in person the more it fascinated me. As a result last year was dedicated to the purpose of finding the cuckold version of sole mates. I had a vision of a beautiful three way friendship full of trust in which the cuckold would instinctively sense when it was time to take a back seat know his place and facilitate the needs of myself and his wife for pleasure.

    In reality I never did meet a couple where the condition were such that we could truly commit to each other and explore the richness of such a delicious meeting of minds and bodies. More often than not it was due to distance or the couple not having enough time available for me to consider any form of exclusivity, or freely going bareback with the wife.

    During this time I also made a conscious effort not to get too close to any single ladies. Why because I didn't want anything to distract me from my goal or cause complications if the right couple suddenly came into the picture. Although a potentially good strategy it is one that comes with a down side.

    Now some of you may feel that when a man shares his feelings it is somehow unmanly. In my mind that is a whole lot of bullshit. In no small part due to my experience as a Dom I long ago concluded that the sharing of feelings is crucial in creating trust and understanding between a Dom and a sub. I have and will always most certainly apply these principles when dealing with cuckold couples too.

    As much as I relish the subtle and sometimes overt humiliation of cuckolds my DNA is also hardwired with a need to give and receive soppy intimate kisses and cuddles too So far this has turned into something of a challenge with the cuckold couple that I met in 2014.

    In my vision of the perfect cuckold couple dynamic, for me there is variety. Sometime the cuckold is there to serve, sometimes he can only watch. Sometimes he can only listen from another room and sometimes he is not there at all. I see this as ideal for a number of reasons. Variety keeps things interesting and uncertainty for the cuckold adds to the sexual tension and makes the cuckold appreciate his treats when he has been good enough to deserve them.

    Also on a practical level if as a cuckold you genuinely want a Bull to be interested in your wife for a sustained period of time you must learn the value of stepping back and allowing them to spend quality time together.

    This is where it gets so tricky. After all cuckolds are still men and as a man I can understand the protective instinct a man has for his wife. He wants to protect her from both physical and mental harm. Plus there is always natural jealousy. what if the Bull tries to take the wife away. What if the wife secretly wants a way out. all kinds of things can make a person feel nervous, uncertain or insecure. A cuckold has to navigate through these all to human thoughts along side the overpowering desire to be cuckolded.

    As it is with a Dom and a Sub a good Bull understand that power and authority is willingly handed over it can't be forced and this can only happen when there is good communication, trust mutual respect and boundaries firmly in place.

    However, speaking from a Dom Bulls perspective.....my perspective. If you truly want to hold a Bulls attention. If regular meets are truly your desire, it is essential that conditions are in place to allow a bond to develop between the wife and the Bull. Nothing makes me loose interest in a couple quicker than an inaccessible wife. I always make a point of getting to know the cuckold. However, for me there also has to be some kind of mechanism that allows me to get to know and hopefully bond with the wife. Private txt or phone chats is the bare minimum for me. An occasional night alone with her is even better.

    So if as a couple the thought of the wife out alone with the Bull is unthinkable even after a several meets a reality check is in order. I would argue that real cuckolding isn't for you. My suggestion would be to stick to swinging and hot-wife fun and steer clear of genuine Bulls.

    My own reality check has been the acceptance that many if not most couples are not ready to take that leap and leave the Bull free to bond with the wife. For some it will never happen and for others it is a growth and trust process that would take time. However as a single male I came to the conclusion that it wasn't enough. Quiet intimate moments are important to me to. So this year I decided to open my eyes and no longer block out other opportunities for pleasure.

    Be it luck or fate I have now been fortunate enough to meet a fiercely independent single lady who is turning out to be the ideal companion for me. Like me she has an absolutely filthy imaginative mind but along with that she is caring and like me really enjoys long moments of sensual kisses and cuddles. We are both committed to having fun both together and separately. Plus she is genuinely supportive about my passion for cuckold couples. So much so that she would quite happily wave my cock in a cuckold's face and tease him with it lol......yep I see 2015 opening up with a wealth of opportunities for pleasure where my interests and those of my new friend can cross over and blend in an oh so deliciously naughty fashion........
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    So, as I read this, it appears that your focus is more on the cuckolded, white husband than on the woman, where it should be ... that you feel Bulls deserve an unlimited access and supply of married, white women, served to you buffet style. IMO, it should be you thankful to the cuckolded husbands for their being so kind as not to be obstructionists to your conquests of their white "married" women.

    Reminds me of the Duke of Norfolk's old saying to Thomas Cromwell, in 1538, in which the Duke responded to Thomas's request to handle his legal matters to his extra-marital affairs ... Thomas was of high bloodline and chief minister to King Henry the 8th at the time ... another pussy chaser of married women.

    Anyways, the Duke responded with a phrase much popularly used to this day. I can't recall the entirety of the 2-paragraph letter, but that one phrase was "one can't have his cake and eat it too, Sir Cromwell!"

    However, today is your lucky day as I have a solution ...
    pic_FairyDust-ForSALE.jpg , and it's priced very reasonably. Guaranteed to make every honky, subservient, married white man clamor to your door to serve up his wife "American Buffet Style".
    And my price is very reasonable ... GIF_GrouchoMarx.gif

    But you must hurry, supplies are limited.*
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    Very kind of you sir, the cheque is in the post. But in all seriousness I think you did read it with your very own slant. I know for a fact that some couples don't think I go far enough. Cuckolding isn't for everyone. I wouldn't expect it to be and I most certainly don't impose it on anyone. I thought I made it clear that last year I was in the process of discovery. That I have learnt from that process and adjusted accordingly.