Bull next door, a story of the begining of a domination

The thing about college towns is that there are many many people out there. For a while there was a group of black guys outside my apartment that play basketball all the time and would always flirt with my gf when she was on her way over. My gf started to like the attention and would wear over sexy outfits and walk by in the parking lot very slowly.

Not that it's cold and winder we don't see many of them but it turns out one lives above us. We were always confused about the banging all night that would go on for on average 2-3 hours, sometimes multiple times a day. One night my gf was so fed up with it she stormed up and banged on his door to ask him to stop. For such a cold day she should have worn more than just underwear and a cami, she didn't even realize until he opened the door naked.

Here she is, 5'4", very petite, 90lbs blonde looking straight into the 6-pack of a 6'3" naked muscle with dick half hard as big as her arm. She was speechless and stared, he just checked her out and said shes just going to have to wait her turn and to come back another time. So she came back to bed defeated and very horny. She admitted he was at least twice as hung as me.

She kept talking about all the banging and what kind of sluts he's bringing back the rest is the story according to her. A week later she met him walking up on the stairs of the apartments when he was getting back from the gym so she invited him over for a drink and to talk while i was gone. She was nervous and drank a lot by the time he got there and was pretty tipsy. She blurted out the question of why he has to be so lout with all the banging and screams. To which he laughed and said it was the power of BBC. She asked him what that was and he told her she already saw. She said she lost it at that point and said she didn't know what he was talking about and wanted to see it. He agreed but only if she removed her top. She's very proud of her c boobs on such a small frame and immediately ripped her top off and said it was his turn to which he tells her to pull his sweat pants off. She said the first thing that hit her was the smell of manly musk because it took a while to pull out such a huge cock that she had to reach in and pull it out which only made it hard.

She was so mesmerized by this huge member and speechless that when he told her to stroke it all she thought about was "yes sir". Once he started getting hard she got nervous and lied that I was going to be home soon, he told her that she better hurry up then. This drove her wild being commanded by such a huge man. He fucked her in my bed that day. I got home to her passed out naked on the bed with cum running out of her naked pussy. She was so embarrassed having even let him take pictures on his phone after giving him her number. I had to go get her plan B that day, not being the first time I was cuckolded, and cleaned up the apartment a bit. He would come over whenever his girlfriend was gone and hang out if i was there until he found out about the cuckold thing and how submissive i am. Now he has us help him hide it from his GF and still fucks her hard or makes her service him orally. Cocky guy acts like he owns us like slaves.
Lets start off with the little things.
He never knocks, if we are home the doors to stay unlocked for him.
He eats our food all the time before and after fucking her.
If I'm around he sometimes makes me sit in the halls while he fucks her.
He sends me on beer runs for him.