Bull holding chastity key

Should our bull control my orgasms for the next two months?

  • Yes. haha

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  • No, too cruel :)

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My lovely wife is considering giving our bull the key to my chastity cage. Other than needs of hygiene, when and of i was allowed out of chastity would be up to him. Until the end of August. (our anniversary)
She has decided to leave my fate up to you....
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Just my own opinion; the wife should always maintain control. The bull has a specific function, but his authority should never be given over the cuckolded husband. If, however, the cucky husband desires the bull be given control, and the wife grants it ... so be it. He thus made the bed and should be made to lay in it.

Let's not lose sight of the true purpose/goal of cuckolding ... the wife getting her sexual gratifications from men other than her husband. Often times it is the husband that has just grown lazy or bored with routine sex with his wife, thus he fails to put forth the efforts to sexual satisfy her. Instead, he elects to relinquish his sexual responsibilities to other men of his wife's choosings. What husbands don't take seriously enough, is the emotional attachment and new found sexual freedom that the wife begins to enjoy ... thus, reeling her back in, once experiencing the cock buffets, is almost impossible.

For men, cuckolding is somewhat like creating children; its fun doing it, but the realization of a possible long-term commitment doesn't sink in for a while. You can't always just turn this stuff Off and On like a faucet or light.
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