Bull from Sydney

If only you were in the states! My husband's best mate is Indian we used to play together they'd tag team 2-3 times a month depending on our work schedules. Great caramel cock with a salty cumload. I'd lick and swirl it all around before I swallowed. My husbands cum was sweet and I love the combo salty & sweet, Indian & Mexican mouth full. His mate loved getting titty fucked by my thick round soft "pillows" as he liked to call them. He would tea bag me with his nuts in my mouth while I laid on my back on the floor as I squeezed his long brown cock in between my big white tits while my husband ate my pussy. I would titty fuck him hard while I swirled his balls in my mouth and face, when he was ready to cum he would grab his cock from my tits, stroke his long dick to the tip of my mouth as I tasted his pre-cum and look up from the floor as he pinned me down with his knees on my arms. Right before he would cum my husband would stick his cock in my pussy and fuck me hard, his mate would drain his snake down my throat, chin, neck, and tits. As he unloaded all over me I would organism instantly all over my husbands cock I loved the taste & feel of that Indian cock. They both knew my body so well when to slide their cocks into my mouth, pussy, and sometimes my ass. We never talked about how we would fuck it always just unfolded naturally and happened without a word being said.
That maybe much for a stranger to share but we've been searching for someone like him since he moved to the UK. No luck hence my husband said he should try a BBC much darker but better than a wimpy tasteless white dick. Thanks for listening, I saw your ad and couldn't help but remember old memories and fun times we shared with our friend who's cock looks very much like yours and I had to share.
Hi Sexy Vixen

WOW, it is very fascinating and tantalizing to hear about your tryst with Indian male in the past . I am really intrigued to begin to get to know more about "YOU " and your hubby to become friends to TAG-TEAM you again . I am a young, 35 yr old, DDF, Clean, Indian Bull living in USA, in Virginia, DC suburbs , a medical professional with good sense of humor and stamina with quite a bit of experience with couples .

I am an easy going, down to earth , jovial person with half glass full attitude person with passion to live life its fullest with traits to help others as much as I can and make this planet better along with making new friends to built relationships and also play together :)

Please let me know if you are wiling to chat more via email or texting to get to know more about each other . I am real, and looking forward to get to know more of you both .