Breeding Wives to ALIENS!!!! (It's inevitable)

Would you Breed Your Wife to An Alien?

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You just know that one day we are gonna find life on other planets or they are gonna find us. Imagine the WIFE BREEDING that will take place when THAT happens! ASO pic 01.jpg


My wife is of the mind that she'd do it with a Klingon and even Jabba the Hut. Don't ask me why, but I'd love to see her black ass in a slave Leia outfit! Lol!
Jabba knows where its at. Check out the finger action while he uses his tongue AND tail. Masterful! And don't forget about Chewbaca. Han told him to take care of lEIA. Looks like he did!

Here's a HOT BREEDING pic! ALIEN SEX FILE #0398.jpg