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Breed me ;)

I believe that it is hard for the man to think about raising children who are not his. I know in today's world there are a lot of marriages where there are step children and survive. Women form strong bonds with children who are carried in their wombs for nine months and unless there is strong influence from outside will love them no matter what. Husbands on the other hand will form bonds later and it will be the strongest when he knows it's his seed and not from someone else. If for some reason he is unable to produce children and both of them agree to someone else planting the seed then I think it is workable. I wonder what the woman would think if she could not have children and he wanted them so his solution was to find a black woman some where to allow him to plant his seed carry the baby and give it to them? The other thing I wonder about is if both of them are not on board with the idea is he ready to support the baby with everything needed. Is it her selfish desire to have this baby from her sexual desire to be bred that drives this? Are they ready to raise a mixed race baby in today's world and face the stigma that is sometimes placed on them from the rest of the world.? I have several friends whose children have had mixed race babies out of wedlock and there is a wide acceptance of that baby. The scope is from love of the grandchild to totally disowning their own children and grandchildren (yes some are bigoted). To follow that statement, some are dyed in the wool rednecks and they are OK with it, so don't go there. Times are changing but I think it is based on what the husband is thinking. Last thing I'll say is if the husband is not open and on board with the idea and he kicks you ass to the curb will you be in shape to support the kid the rest of you life?
How do you explain it to friends and family? Then the baby when he is of age and the desire to know his real dad.
What if the black father want to be apart of his life as well.
We're planning to do that next year. We have tried to seek out advice from couples who've done this before because obviously some things have to be explained or "covered" so we can have a peaceful life to raise our family, but it seems like really there are many times the people who talk about this than actually go through it. We want the fantasy and the fun but we also are willing to accept that when one has kids, it's not all fun and sex games anymore.