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Breakfast in bed

I had been chatting to this lovely couple (well, to the wife) We were going to meet and she would cook me dinner and breakfast as I was staying the night. I met Jayne on the Saturday in a pub and she was looking very sexy in a black number that I had agreed on, we had a drink where she told me she had got everything ready for dinner like i asked, a nice sirloin steak. We decided to go back to their house and set everthing in motion as planned. Jayne rang her hubby, Steve and told him we were on our way back and would be 10 minutes (his cue to leave the house so I had a place to park my car). As we drove to the house I saw a car drive past and guessed it was Steve as he was looking an both cars.

We got the the house, I took Steve's parking space and went inside the house. Jayne took my shoes off and then made me a drink and made me feel at home. She then proceeded to go and cook me dinner, Steve soon came back and I met him for the first time. Jayne served us dinner and then took me upstairs to their room whilst Steve stayed downstairs, soon as we got upstairs, i got her undressed and blindfolded her before using my restraints on her and got her on her knees so she could suck my cock and choke on it. This got her so wet and i explored all her body before fucking her from behind as she moaned so loud.

We decided to take a break and she went dpwnstairs and brought me dessert in bed and fed me my dessert before we cointinued fucking for a few more hours.

We went to sleep and I woke up with a hard on and the smell of bacon, I fucked Jayne again that morning with the door slightly ajar so Steve could hear his wife moan even louder. Jayne loved every minute of it then i heard a voice outside the door which was Steve saying good morning breakfast is served.

Jayne went out the door and came in with a tray with a full english breakfast with orange juice. I had my breakfast and Jayne placed the tray outside the door as we fucked one last time.

After that I got up and had a shower, kissed Jayne and went down the stairs, Steve was on the sofa and I asked him if he had ever heard Jayne maon that much to which he said no, i told him, thats how u fuck a slut and I left.