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Brand New to the Idea and Site.

23 engaged wm from SC , Just trying to sort all of this out and determine if this is what I want. Brand new to the site and I love it already.
I love IR porn and get off to the idea of being a cuck all the time but I don't know how to even think about letting other guys fuck my girl. The race idea really gets to me, the fact that a black guy is fucking a white girl with a huge cock gets me off so fast.
I don't know what to do but I am open for discussion and would love to talk to y'all about experiences and such.


Real Person
Got see it as an adventure, this is what you like to watch. If you can't seem to be a cuck then join in, do it out of town and see how that goes or even online at first where you two interact with the BBC and go from there

derin jones

Gold Member
I've done the interracial swing thing with an ex gf, hot AF. Opening up my sexy wife to it, which she already has fantasies about. She'll be a raging bbc whore soon enough :)