Brand New Cuckold Part One

Brand New Cuckold Part One

I just learned this weekend that my wife has been fucking black guys for the last few months.

We have been married for about one and a half years. I am 23 and she is 21. She is very pretty, petite but with big DD tits. She is highly sexed, in fact, over sexed. If she goes more than a couple days without fucking she starts climbing the walls.

A few months ago, she got a new job in a office inside a warehouse distribution center. It is nearly all black guys that work there. There are a couple white guys, according to her, and one other woman. Her boss is black. Right after starting work there, she started wearing extremely short skirts to work, so short they barely covered her ass.

My wife, Patty, has a lifelong friend, Gloria, who is married and openly dates black guys, and even has a black baby. I know Gloria has really been pushing Patty to go black. After starting her new job, Patty and Gloria would start going out together at night and both would be wearing extremely slutty clothes. Her skirts would come an inch or two SHORT of covering her ass. When Patty would go to work, or out with Gloria, she would make a point of showing me she was not wearing panties.

When she would come home in the wee hours of the morning, she would sit on my face and make me eat her, and give me a hand job, then make me lick my own cum from her hand. For the last few months, she would not let me cock into her. I knew, of course, that my 5 inch thin dick could not satisfy her, so I became very good at eating her pussy to make up for it. However, I did notice that lately when I ate her, she did taste different and she would be very wet. I got to like how wet she was when I ate her.

Even though I objected to her wearing such slutty things to work and when going out with Gloria at night, she totally ignored me. She would just smile and do what she wanted. It especially bothered me that she would wear such short skirts with NO panties.

Well, I finally got up enough nerve to confront Patty this weekend. She immediately confessed, smiling as she did so, saying she has just been waiting for me to bring it up. She admitted right away that she was fucking her black boss at work, and most of the other black guys at her work. She told me that while she loves me, this is not going to change, that I can either learn to live with it, or leave.

After the conversation then dinner, while I was objecting and voicing my concerns, she called her boss. He came over with a couple other black guys and Gloria. Well, let me tell you, her boss, Johnathan, is big and EXTREMELY dominant. He made it very clear that my wife was now black only, and that I was to not have any form of sex with her other than to clean cum from her. He made me tell him that I fully understand and would comply.

He told me to strip completely naked so he could see what my reaction would be. I did, then he and one of the other black guys starting sucking on my wife’s tits and feeling her pussy under her skirt. To my extreme embarrassment, I got a hard on. Gloria giggled, and Johnathan said “I knew it.”

They all left to go out and party. I was left alone to agonize in my own embarrassment. As they walked out the door, my wife gave me a kiss on my forehead and patted me on my naked ass. Johnathan told me to stay naked so I did.

End of Part One.

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learning your place can be difficult but it sounds like you're ready to accept it, be a proud cuckold and do as you're told.