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Bound white girls

Just love sexy pics of white women bound for their black masters and abductors...post yours 1240 interracial submission.jpg



Sweet & Cordial
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A lot of women love playing these scenerios; its like it gives them their mental "permission" or "excuse" to be a slut for a brief time. Bondage, sex slave, etc ... they'll let the guys order them around and tell them to fuck whomever they tell the girls to fuck. Then, they go home, take a bubble bath, wash the scum & smell from their body, and go back to acting like a proper, innocent & naive, little princess.
A friend of mine use to have a dungeon in his basement for a Dom&Sub group. He said he was amazed at the beautiful women that would practically beg to become members to the club; guys had to pay membership fees & dues, but the women became members for free if they passed the club's initiations. And they were quite creative, too. :)