Bound To BBC a Cuckold...With Seconds

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Bound To BBC a Cuckold…With Seconds

It started as just an ordinary Friday evening at home for Lexie and myself. Lexie busied herself watching her favorite TV shows while I sat at my computer, alternately surfing the net and working on various projects for work. Much to my delight, it did not stay ordinary for long. It was to become one of the most memorable sexual experiences of our lives.

Lexie sauntered over to where I sat at my desk in our bedroom. She had a look of lust in her eyes such as I had not seen for some time, they had a sparkle of intrigue. I began to get the feeling I was in for one hell of a ride this evening. I was looking forward to it. ”Are you feeling frisky tonight?” She purred into my ear. I didn’t need to answer; the growing bulge in my pants spoke for me as the sexual tension began to build up in me. I still get the same excitement making love to my 34 year old wife as I did when we dated 5 years ago. Her warm, soft eyes, athletic body that she keeps in shape, C-cup breasts, blond hair and neatly shaved pussy are always a delight to make love to.

She bent to me and kissed me deeply, taking a seat on my lap as she did so. Her feminine musk filled my nostrils. Our tongues sought each other with urgency. All the while, our hands were frantically searching out body parts and erogenous zones. My head was swimming in excitement, passion, and yes, lust. Before I knew it, I was relieved of every stitch of clothing. There I sat in my leather office chair, stripped bare, exposed, excited.

In a moment of clarity I realized that Lexie was not nearly as undressed as I. I reached out to begin to rectify that situation. At least I tried to reach out. It was at that time I realized that not only was I nude, my arms were also tied to the chair. Immobilized, I was helpless. My bonds felt strangely familiar. I turned to see what was holding me, finding the soft silky lengths of fine sheer stockings that held me bound across my biceps to the arms of the chair. Lexis had started the game, and I was keen on finding out where this would lead. I offered no protest or resistance.

She stood then and began to dance seductively, turning on the stereo as she did so. As she danced she began to strip, ever so slowly. Her blouse, bra and pants came off to her seductive sways to the music. Then it was time for her panties. Our eyes met as her lips formed a tiny smile, with that she spun around and bent over. Still swaying to the music, she hooked her index fingers into the top sides of her panties and slowly slid them down her shapely legs, exposing, briefly, her feminine vertical crease to me.

There I sat, mesmerized by her beauty, my member aching with desire and straining to reach her for release. Lexie picked up her panties and walked toward me. My beautiful wife, nude, one hand on her shapely hip, the other hand holding her panties, allowed me a few moments to drink in her beauty. Then she took a final step toward me. She dangled the panties directly in front of my nose, the scent of her sex driving me wild. Mere inches in front of me now, she turned and walked away, tossing her panties onto my chest as she did.

She entered the bathroom connected to the master bedroom and was gone for several minutes. When she returned she was wrapped in a towel, her hair was wet, dripping onto her soft sexy shoulders. She hung up the receiver for the cordless phone (when did she grab that?). Lexie then sauntered over to the large wall mounted mirror on the wall, ignoring my helpless condition. While I watched, she dropped the towel and began blow drying and brushing out her hair. When that task was complete, a light coat of make-up came next. It was nothing extravagant, really, just a little blush and some sexy red lipstick. She didn’t need more than that. For that matter, she didn’t even need that, but I can certainly appreciate the effort she was exerting on my behalf. Perhaps she had made reservations at a restaurant or even called for a cab to take us to that swingers club that we had been to a few times. Only recently had we begun to explore The Lifestyle with other couples.

With her make-up on and her hair properly primped, she picked up the towel and thoroughly dried herself before applying a coat of moisturizer to every inch of her already soft, touchable skin. Then she began to dress. A new outfit I had never seen before emerged from her drawer of delicates. A sexy black and red lace push-up Bra held her breasts oh-so firmly and enhanced her already ample cleavage. The matching thong slid up her long luxurious legs, over her hips, hiding her sweet spot but promising so much to come from her shaven nether regions. Next came the black Cuban-heeled stockings to complete the framing of her most womanly parts in such a fashion as to drive a man insane with lust. Finishing off the ensemble were a new pair of black high-heeled sandals.

Fully adorned and incredibly sexy, she began to strut (no she didn’t walk) towards me. Still helpless, but willing to await my mistress patiently, I sat and watched as she neared my silky nylon prison. I was anticipating a release, however, Lexie placed her index finger to my lips and said, “Say nothing and make no attempt to free yourself and we will both enjoy this night, it’s for both of us. It was you who first suggested The Lifestyle, now I have made arrangements.”

Tied to the chair, nude, I began to get nervous at this development. This is when I began to voice a protest. “What ARRANGEMENTS?”

Her finger still to my lips, ‘SHHhhush’ she replied.
That is when
she produced one last nylon stocking. One she had been saving. One that had been well and recently worn and still held the musty scent of her lovely feet. She balled up part of the stocking, placed it in my mouth and tied the ends to the back of my head. Then she took hold of my erection with her right hand and cupped my balls with her left. Softly she said, “I have picked out a partner for me, for us, to enjoy in our home without the public scrutiny of the Club. Don’t protest this; enjoy it with me”

I could not refuse or object. The Club had been my idea and I had enjoyed fucking several women as Lexie had only given oral sex. She said she did not want to screw in front of strangers. I guess she had now made her ‘arrangements’ with another man to share the privacy of our marital bed. Honestly, I was more excited than ever at this prospect. The word ‘cuckold’ flashed into my mind; I was about to witness my wife take a lover, of her choosing, in our bedroom while I was helpless bound. Lexie’s first cock, other than mine, to enter her since well before we got married.

DING-DONG!! The front bell.

Lexie smiled at me, gave me a wink and said, “You’re in for a real surprise.” With that she turned to leave the room to answer the door. She never stopped to pick up a robe of towel from the bathroom. She would greet this visitor in nothing more than her lingerie, heels and bare skin!

She left the upstairs bedroom door open so I could clearly hear her heels click their way down the stairs to the front door. I heard the door open. Then, moments of silence, as the visitor apparently overcame the shock of her state of dress. Greetings were exchanged and a ‘thanks for coming over’ with the reply of a deep baritone voice of ‘my pleasure’. Her heels on the stairs again, this time followed by another, heavier set of footfalls. Silence, and eternity of silence it seemed (though it must have only been moments), and then soft giggles and hushed moans. At last the footsteps resumed their course up the stairs, accompanied by more giggles and murmuring. Our visitor apparently enjoying Lexie’s sweet little ass as she climbed the stairs.

I could tell that they had reached the top of the stairs. Moments later Lexie appeared in the door way, followed by a tall, athletic looking, well dressed 22 year old BlackMan. I had seen him, briefly, at the Club as he always had a group of women around him. From his expression at noticing me, still nude, aroused and bound to the chair, I could tell that he was taken aback too. Lexie had surprised him too. “Don’t worry” she says, in a casual voice.“ ”He can’t bother us. My dear husband is just so tied up in his work.” At this, she laughs a hearty, yet wicked, laugh as an evil grin spreads across her freshly painted lips.

She approached me. With her legs set shoulder width apart, her beautiful feminine form just inches from me, that exquisite lingerie ensemble barely offering any shielding of her feminine places, she says, “This is Anthony, from the Club. I checked, he’s ‘Clean’. He’ll be my partner tonight. Be good and enjoy it all from that chair. If you’re good, I’ll save you a treat. I’m feeling very frisky tonight” I nodded. A husband must allow his wife to find her happiness.

Cuckold to a Black Stud. Shivers of sexual excitement at this taboo about to take place raced down my spine.

With that she turned away from me and walked toward her Black Man. She placed her arms around his neck and they kissed. Gently at first. New lovers getting acquainted. Then the kiss goes deeper as their tongues probe each other. Anthony’s hands run up and down my Lexie’s back a few times until he unclasps her bra. They disengage from the kiss as Lexie, my beautiful wife, takes one step back from her Black Lover to allow her bra to fall off her shoulders and onto the floor.

With her back toward me, I can’t see her expression, but I can see Anthony reach out and gently cup each of her breasts with his hands. I can imagine the scene before him as Lexie’s nipples harden with arousal. Then Lexie reaches out and begins to unbutton his shirt; which she removes quickly. The Lovers then embrace again, the contrast between Lexie’s milky white skin and this Black Specimen of Manhood is striking. Lexie grinds her chest into his as they kiss once again, giving him the feel of her soft chest against his hard muscular chest.

Soon, Anthony’s hands travel down Lexie’s back once more to rest on the small of her back. I know she loves to be caressed there. She lets out a soft moan to let her Lover know that too. Then, Anthony’s hands inch their way over to Lexie’s hips to find the waist band of her panties. He pulls them down as his hands also give her ass a playful squeeze. Lexie steps back an allows her panties to fall past her knees and onto the floor, then she steps out of them. Anthony smiles down at her as his hands now travel across her belly, gliding down toward her pussy. She lets out another soft moan as his hands caress her exposed sex mound. She has surrendered to her Black conquer, her head thrown back in bliss.

After recovering from his touch on her sex, Lexie bends down to begin to take Anthony’s belt and pants off. I can see from the tent in his pants that he too is fully aroused. With his pants, shoes and sox now off, Lexie lets out a gasp as she slides down his boxers to reveal his Black Manhood. It’s the largest cock that I have ever seen! Nine inches, not fully erect, with a large bulbous, circumcised cockhead and very thick; this stud has the equipment to give my wife a fucking I never could.

Still bend in front of her Lover, Lexie takes his Black Manhood into her mouth. As she sucks his shaft, her right hand gently cup and massage his ball sac. I love it when she does that to me. My cock seems to strain with its own unfulfilled anticipation.

It is not long before my wife, my glorious Lexie clad in nothing more than her stockings and heels, stands and directs her Black Lover to our marital bed. They laugh as Lexie whispers something into Anthony’s ear. Then she spreads herself, legs wide, on the bed beneath her Black Stud.

There’s no preparation with a condom; this will be a bareback experience. At the Club, there are regulations about testing for STD’s and use of condoms. Lexie has made her own rules for this Black Stud. My wife’s pink pussy will be taking Black Seed tonight, deep into her. I cannot object.

Her Black Stud does not waste any time. Holding his cock in one hand, he inches forward toward her spread pussy. He rubs his cockhead against her pussy, then presses himself forward, his cock slides into her warm, moist pussy. At least the first three or so inches of his cock. Lexie then archeed her back and lets out a deep moan as her lover drove the last few inches of his Black Spear into her.

The lovers embrace, with Lexie's hands circling around Anthony large, broad shoulders. Now familiar with being sexually joined, the lovers begin the sex dance of thrusting. I had the view of Anthony's buttocks and back muscles tense and release as he drove his Black Cock in and out of my wife. The musk of their sex quickly filled the room, as did the sounds of wet sex and sweet moans of pleasure from Lexie. Their grinding lasted for some time.

Then, the Black Stud Master withdrew and motioned to Lexie to get into Doggy Position. I got to watch Lexie's face tense with anticipation as her Black Stud entered her from behind. Quickly, her face went from tension to bliss, her mouth hanging open as she looked me in the eye as her lover pounded her from behind.

After spending a while supporting her weight with her arms, Lexie asked to be on top. I could see her pussy lips fuller, hanging lower and more spread than I had ever seen them as she swung her legs over her Stud to mount his stiff Black Obelisk of a Cock. Anthony used his hands as my wife rode his cock, moving them over her back, holding her breasts and gently smacking her ass as she took his cock Deep.

"I wanna be on top" was the command given to Lexie by her glorious lover. I understood. This was the finale. Once inside of her, her Black Master lowered his weight onto her chest. The Cum Stroke. Anthony kept his cock deep inside of my wife, using his strong back and ass muscles to slide up and away from her, keeping his thick cockhead against her G-Spot as the base of his cock rubbed her clit. Faster and faster he rode until Lexie let out a brief scream, curled her toes and clenched his torso with her nylon clad legs harder. Her O must have hit, her vagina pulsing around his Black Cock. Anthony could not hold back, releasing his hot gusher of Black Seed deep into my wife. Their moans of Mind Blowing pleasure, Bliss, echoed off the walls.

Finally spent and exhausted, they lay together on the bed, now soaked in sweat and other bodily fluids. Gently they caressed each other's bodies and basked in the glow of sexual satisfaction. I was still bound, gagged, and watched this spectacle until finally she rose from the bed, covered herself in a robe and tossed her Black Stud the clothes she so expertly removed from him.
“I am done with you now. You may leave.” Stunned and unsure how to react, her visitor remained shocked, motionless. “NOW!!!” she commanded. He hurriedly dressed, glancing at me only once
. Once dressed, she gave him a quick kiss and lead him out of the room and down the stairs to the door below. I heard the door click as she locked it. My glorious wife then ascended the stairs for the second time that evening.

Upon re-entering the room she approached me, her eyes locked onto mine. I was still sit bound and gagged, excited, stunned, aroused and afraid. Then, a smile crossed her lips, "time for your special treat for being such a good Cuckold" she announced.

She took one more step toward me and dropped the robe to the floor. As my cock stood with renewed anticipation, I took in her form. Her skin still glistened with the sweat of her sexual encounter, her pussy was flushed bright pink, her Black Lover's emission, mixed with her own juices, was trickling out of her and down her the inside of her left thigh.

Without releasing my bonds, she straddled me. In my excited state, my own modest member slipped easily into her pre-moistened, stretched, magnificent tunnel of love. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, she rode me. Chills shot up my spine as her Black Lover's fluids dripped onto my balls, practically coating them. My mind reeled at the thought of this Sloppy Second that my Lexie was giving me. Dirty, taboo and exciting at the same time.

“Don’t you cum until I give you permission” she commanded. Another eternity passed as my senses reeled from the smell of sex, sweat and arousal. The site of her bare undulating body, her head tiled to one side, her eyes closed and her hair flopping from side to side filled my eyes. The rest of the room disappearing. My skin tingled every time her breasts brushed against my chest. I tensed every time she slid down my cock, onto my balls, trying to keep from premature release.

Looking me directly in the eyes,“NOW!!!!” she commands and I explode inside her. It felt like every ounce of my being escaped out of my cock and into her, mixing with the Black Seed that her lover had just deposited into her. My cock spasamed several times before I collapsed into chair under her. Spent, both mentally and physically.

I don't know how long it was until she stood, kissed me softly, and loosened my bonds. As she untied me, she lowered her lips to my ear and whispered, "well done my Cuckold. I see that you have enjoyed this experience almost as much as I did." My mouth was so dry I could not respond.

We stood together and hugged. Lexie, then I, went into the bathroom to take care of bodily functions and get some water. She was waiting for me, in the bed with the covers drawn, when I returned. I climbed in and gave her a warm, gentile, kiss. After, I placed my arm under her head and drew her toward me as my other hand playfully slid down past her belly button to caress her still warm and very wet pussy.

"I hope my birth control is working," is the last thing Lexie said before she reached over to turn out the light. We giggled like teenagers, then fell asleep, our legs intertwined. The next day, after showering together, I made love to Lexie at last 5 times; a new record for me. It took over a week for her pussy to feel tight around me again. Lexie walked past me with that knowing Grin for at least two weeks.

That was our first encounter with a Black Stud. There have been more encounters, with several Black Men, and a few more games that Lexie has played. Those will be for another story.

I am a happy cuckold and my wife is a very happy Queen of Spades.
yes all whites couple should read this ,if they want to have some of the best sex they every had. My wife loves being used by black men and i have found my place is her white cuck hubby
I am truly-dumfounded-and silent-at the love exchanged here. Don't change thing Got2-Phenomenally well done.Ms Lexie is simply intoxicating with her Antonio(I am done with you now-you may leave-DAMN!). More so -with her Gentlemen Cuck. Tres Bien. And thank you soooo very very much-for sharing. I don't believe I have that kind of technique-that is-a special gift-for a special type of lady. I am a special type of lady with my own very special type of gift-my pussy-for my black gentlemen friends. Thanks again. Have a giant lump in my throat and stomach. Deeply touched.
Thats it after reading your other post/guide on bulls , its the bull creating distance sexually between the wife and husband thats arousing.
Hum. They way I set this up in my mind, it was the wife who set this up. The Bull just went along with the simple instructions: Ignore the husband, pretend he is not even in the room and make love to me.

It was the husband that brought up the idea of swinging to the wife; but it was the wife who took it to a new level by selecting the Bull of her choice and 'consumating' the experience in their marital bedroom, on their bed.

In my experience, some women do not like public venue of a swingers club to have sex with strangers, especially Black ones. Plus, she put her husband into a situation in which he could not object, could not be jealous or angry at her choice. Then, in the end, he got his rewards. Painless, emotionless drama free enjoyment for all.

And yes, while he proposed it, it was She that made him a cuckold.