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Your bio doesn't give a lot of info, and appears you (hubby) wrote the bio with little or no input from her. Once women get engaged and married, they tend to change gears and begin placing priorities on things that compliment and support the marriage relationship ... so unless you had this "cuckold type" arrangement before marriage, wives are going to hesitate doing anything that could jeopardize the relationship with their husbands.

The questions I have are: How long have the 2 of you been married? Any children? What indications has she given you that her having sex outside the marriage is an interest to her? What kind(s) of erotica does she like? Do you fantasy play, and if so, what is her favorite fantasy?

Boston has an abundance of some interesting social clubs. If there is some interest on her part, to experience other men, or to couple swap, attending their "Meet & Greet" functions is a good way to get in front of people and have casual chat. When my wife and I attended our local club, we met a couple men and couples that we enjoyed on a more private basis. We just used the clubs to get in front of people who had similar interest as our own. Here's a link; check out their websites, etc and call them to see when their next social gathering is:|2015-09-09T17:30:00.000-04:00|0|FORWARD

Good luck ... Mac