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boring marriage, boring sex

Hi, let me just say that if you've talked about it and he's not gone crazy, you have a cuckold waiting to get accustomed to your new sex life. Make it happen and you, he and the lucky black
Men you meet will all be happy bunnies :)


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bbc slut, I might suggest you and hubby try swinging first ... more specifically, MMFs. They're a lot easier to arrange, without all the cuckold stress. Women, in general, seem to like 2 guys, plus its a way to test the waters before diving into a more restrictive activity like cuckolding. Check some of the more local "adult lifestyle" clubs in your area, and attend a hospitality night to meet some guys. They'll know why your there, you'll meet 'em in person, and pick out who you want to take home with you. Check out this link to find some clubs near you:
Of course, if you feel your marriage, in general, is boring ... skip right to the cuckolding, but this kind of activity tends to really stress a relationship. Cheating on your husband isn't going to fix your dull marriage. If yours is already stressed, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're looking for an avenue out of it. Mac :)
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Hi guys im on here really to chat with sexy black men. Ive been married for 10 years now and have never really had a good sex life. Im really submissive and willing to try anything.
Careful there sexy. That's a good way to find yourself grabbed by the hair, clothes ripped off, and completely dominated by a Black Bull...like he owns you. But the again....that may be what you need...lol
So from another white guys point of view. I was turned on to this lifestyle by wife cheating with a bbc. The more questions were answered, the angrier I got. After everything had time to sink in realized I was really turned on by it. Doesn't make sense, still doesn't, but I can't get it out of my head and I'm starting to get excited at the thought of watching my lovely wife get owned by a black stud. Even find myself wanting her to want it more than me.