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    Does anyone know of any good reads on the wife sharing lifestyle. My fiancé has zero interest in porn, toys etc. She is highly intelligent and I was thinking some quality, not smut, literature might open things up a bit. Preferably written by a female. Thanks.
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    The Ethical Slut
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    Well, this is a noble approach, 10Calcpl. Are you looking for material on interracial wife sharing, or just wife sharing in general, as your question is on an interracial wife sharing site? And, to many women, it would definitely make a difference, I'm sure.

    You might wish to investigate polyamorous relationships; there's quite a bit written about this, as it is growing in popularity within marriages. And, if you do decide to investigate this more, the website has a lot of erotic stories written specifically around it, since the ladies tend to enjoy romantical reads.

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