I had to write this story because this night was TOTALLY AWESOME! The weather forecasters had been calling for the BIG ONE for a couple of days. My husband was away on business & I had an appointment to get my hair permed & colored along with my nails for that day. I had been working on my tan at the local tanning salon & by now I was getting golden brown. My husband had been working out of town a good bit & our sex life had been suffering considerably because of it. When he was home he was always tired. I had decided to make a conscious effort about my image to try & get us back on track. He would be back in town in a couple of days.
I figured since I had a SUV I would go ahead & go. When I left everything was fine. When I got there it had already started snowing. I was there for a couple of hours & when I went out there was a couple of inches already on the ground. I listened to the radio & the main road home was blocked so I couldn't go that way. I decided to take a back road. I was a little over an hour from home. On the way home it got really bad & I can't drive in the snow. Suddenly I slid off the road & into a ditch. I tried & tried to get out but couldn't. I had limited cell phone reception & I tried to call a wrecker but couldn't get through. It was getting dark & I was scared I would get stuck there & couldn't get home. Suddenly someone pulled up behind me & knocked on my window. I opened the window & this very nice black man said “is there anyway I can help you?” I said “well can you see if you can get my vehicle out?” He got in while I slid over & tried & tried to get it out but couldn't. He finally said “you'll need a wrecker to get this out, can I take you home?” I said “yes, please!” I gathered my stuff & we got in his vehicle & away we went. I called the wrecker service to get my vehicle as soon as I could get cell service. I then called my husband & told him what happened. He was glad to see I was alright & glad I had a ride home. The gentleman that gave me a ride homes name was Chris. I love to talk so his ride home I'm sure was nerve racking trying to drive in the snow & listen to me. It took us about two hours to get to my house. I told him I wanted him to come inside & wait till it at least stopped & let me fix him something to eat for what he had done for me. His clothes were soaked from trying to get my vehicle out so I told him to take them off & let me wash them. I told him to put on my husbands robe in the bathroom. I could tell Chris was a big man but I couldn't tell how big! I went & changed as well & put on some house clothes & a robe. Chris had told me on the way home he was going through a divorce & wasn't interested in seeing anybody. He didn't tell me till he changed what he did for a living. When he came into the kitchen & gave me his cloths I thought I was going to stroke out! He was built like a brick shit house! I looked at him & said “OH MY GOD WHAT A NICE BODY!” He said “Thank You Mam!” I said “How did you get that?” He said “I'm a private trainer & I also body build for competition.” I said “you are hot, you won't have any problems getting a woman with a body like that!” I took his clothes down stairs & put them in the washer & came upstairs & started fixing us something to eat. We talked about different subjects & he helped me along the way. I got out some red wine & he opened & poured us some. We sat down & ate dinner & talked some more. We took our wine & walked out on the back porch & it was still coming down hard & we had a good 8-10 inches of snow by now. I looked at Chris & said “I want you to spend the night here.” Chris said “that will be fine because I'm not sure if I could make it home now.” Chris & I walked back into the house & sat down on the couch & kept talking. Finally he looked at me & said “I'm getting rather warm in this robe, would you mind if I took it off?” I said “well no why would you think you need to ask?” He said “well all I have on is my underwear.” I said “so what, that will be fine just make yourself at home & you can feel comfortable around me.” Chris stood up & untied the robe & took it off & threw it on the back of the couch. I knew immediately he could tell what I was thinking because he looked at my face & said “is there something wrong?” I almost started stuttering when I said “oh god know!” He said “I'm sorry, this was all I had to put on, I can put my robe back on if you'd like?” I almost started stuttering again when I said “oh no, I like the eye candy!” All Chris was wearing was a pair of blue boxers. He said ''when I met you I had just came from the gym from a workout & I had accidentally left my bag of clothes there when I saw the weather because I was in a hurry.” I said “oh please just stand there so I can look at your body!” Chris said “you like that?” I said “your something sent from god!” Chris spun around so I could see the total package. I said “very nice!” I said “I'd like to see if you would be my personal trainer?” Chris said “I'm sure we could work something out.” I said “oh I'd like to see tonight if you could take care of me?” Chris said “we'll work on that!” I said “I've never seen anybody with as lovely of a body as you have!” My pussy was flooding I was so horny from looking at him! I stood up & reached over & grabbed his wine & gave it to him. I took my wine & said “lets make a toast.” We raised our glasses & I said “to the beginning of a beautiful relationship” & we toasted! We sipped our wine as I looked over this wonderful eye candy setting in front of me! I sipped on my wine with a huge smile while looking at him in a trance! I finally said “I'm getting hot as well, would you excuse me for a moment while I slip into something more comfortable?” Chris said “sure.” I walked upstairs to my bedroom with a determination like I've never had even when I met my husband! I WANTED THIS! I had my hair permed & colored dirty blond today along with having my nails done. I looked through my closet & was so fascinated by him that I was like a kid in a toy store. I wanted to impress him & fuck his brains out! I couldn't figure out which outfit to wear? I decided to put on my red leather cup less beaus tier because everybody tells me how good I look in red. I wore my red platform high heels with some black fishnet stockings that came all the way up to my ass cheeks. I freshened up my makeup for him as well! I put on my long dangling diamond ear rings my husband bought for our anniversary! I walked out of my bedroom & bent over the rail & said “Chris.” Chris said “yes mam.” I said “can you get a new bottle of wine & bring yourself & our glasses up here & see if you can give me a hand?” He said “sure.” I stayed bent over as I watched him come up the stairs. When he got to the top I said “I'm interested in interviewing to be your personal sexatary?” Chris said “we can do that!” I but my bottom lip & said “REALLY!” Chris walked over & handed me my glass of wine. I took a sip & said “follow me into our new office.” I led him into my bedroom. I had turned down the lights & lit all the candles as well as turned on some jazz which I love & was what he was playing on his radio in his SUV! Chris said “so what are you willing to give in trade?” I whipped my hair back & said “I'd be willing to trade some HARD manual labor in exchange for you to whip this body in shape” while biting my bottom lip! Chris walked around me as I watched him checking out the merchandise. Chris said “first off, I like how you dressed for the interview?” I said “just for you!” I walked over & bent over as I started lying on my bed so that he could see my great assets as I lied down on the bed on my side. He then walked over & lied down beside me as we toasted drinks again & took another drink! I then reached over & started kissing him. Chris was an awesome kisser! I then took our wine & put in on the night stand. As I turned Chris was setting up & grabbed me & picked me up & sat me on top of him as we started kissing passionately again! OH GOD was I melting in his hands! I was breathing heavy as kissed as I rapped my arms around him holding him tight! Chris grabbed & massaged my tits & looked at me & said “the first thing we're going to work on is these beautiful tits you have” as he slowly started sucking them as he massaged them. I said “oh god I love that!” I held my hair back as he sucked & massaged my tits, moaning in pleasure! Chris looked up at me & said “how hard are you willing to train?” I looked down at him & said “I'll work really hard.” Chris said “the payments will be high!” I said “I'll do whatever it takes to get you paid !” I pushed Chris back on the bed & slowly started massaging his chest & worked my way down to his rock hard abs sucking & kissing him all over as I worked my way down! I then told him to roll over on his stomach & massaged his shoulders down his back to his rock hard tight ass. I massaged & kissed his ass all over & then worked my way down his legs & then back up. I pulled his boxers off & then pulled him up on his knees & started licking his balls ! I massaged his balls for the longest time as I listen to him moan! I finally told him to roll over on his back so that I could show him my real talent! He had a BIG ROCK HARD BLACK DICK! I reached over on the night stand & grabbed our wine. I gave him his & said ”let's toast.” We toasted as I said “to two beautiful body's together!” We sipped our wine & then I sat mine down & got to work! I grabbed his dick with my hand & slowly licked the bottom vein from his balls to his head as he watched! I then ran my tongue around his head & then slowly took it in my mouth! I then slowly went up & down on his pole as I took my freshly done nails & scratched his balls as he watched me enjoy his tool as I watched him gasp for air! I then rapped both my hands around his dick as I shook my ass for him as I started slowly sucking his dick faster as I watched him with my fuck me hard eyes! Chris said “oh girl your going to have to do a lot of that.” I said “oh I'm willing to work as hard as I have to.” I got up on my knees now as I looked at him watch me. I started bouncing my ass cheeks as I sucked his dick harder & then said “I want you to work these especially hard!” Chris said as he gasped for air “oh girl I especially love working that area!” I then bounced my ass really hard & said “will you work it really hard like this” as I took his dick in my mouth & really sucked it hard? Chris said “OH IT'LL BE HARDER THAN THAT!” I laughed as I said “I LOVE IT HARD!” Chris said “so far your interview is going really well!” I said “oh honey I need this job really bad!” He said “oh yeah, I love looking at your ass in the mirrors as you suck my dick!” I continued sucking his beautiful black dick as we talked shit to each other. Chris said “I love looking at those hypnotizing eyes of yours as you suck my dick!” I licked the bottom of his stem as I smiled at him! Chris grabbed me by the back of the hair & pulled me up to him! We kissed as he massaged my ass! Chris then picked me up & stood up with the both of us as we kissed as I rapped my legs around him. He then sat me down on the side of the bed & knelt down in front of me & started slowly eating my pussy! I leaned back & held myself up with my arms to watch him as he licked my clit! Chris was a pussy eating artist. He could eat pussy like I'd never had done before & I came a couple of times as he ate me! I moaned “OH GOD WHAT A PERK BABY!” Chris ate me for quite some time & then he raised up & took his dick in his hand & started slowly sliding his 10 ½'' into me as I watched him! I screamed “OH GOD BABY IT HURTS!” Chris said “oh girl your going to have to learn to deal with pain if your going to work with me!” I looked up at him as I massaged his chest as he stroked me as we watched that beautiful black dick going in & out of my pussy together. I moaned in pleasure as I looked at him as we kissed & said “oh I can handle ANY pain you can give me!” Chris leaned forward & slowly sucked my tits as he continued stroking my pussy! I had my heels propped up on the side of the bed as we watched Chris slowly take his hand & guide his dick in & out of me as I was gasping in pleasure! I looked up at him & said “Thank you baby for rescuing me tonight!” Chris said “it was my pleasure.” Chris said “your pussy looks good with my black dick in it!” I said “it feels even better!” Chris said “you know what makes me happier?” I said “what?” He said “I'm an ass man“ & before he could finish I put my finger over his lips & said “SHH.“ Chris pulled his dick out & I crawled up on the bed. I had recently got a mirror put on the head board & I got in front of it. I spread my legs wide as I bent over in front of Chris as he crawled in behind me! Chris bent over & started massaging & kissing my ass. I moaned “MMMM!” Chris then lightly started biting my ass as he then worked his way down to licking my pussy again. I looked up in the mirror at Chris as he had his large hands rapped around my ass cheeks massaging them. Chris said “I want to work this especially hard!” I said to him as he slowly started rimming my ass as he looked at me in the mirror “that's what I want you to work on the most!” Chris licked my ass as he massaged my cheeks as we watched each other in the mirror. I licked my lips back at him & said “I can't wait to feel that big dick in me!” Chris said “oh you'll have to work really hard for that!” He continued licking both holes and massaging my ass till he finally stood up and slowly took his dick in his hand & started inserting it back into my pussy! I looked up at him & slowly blew a kiss at him as he smiled at me in the mirror! I moaned “OH GOD MMMMM!” My pussy was soaking wet & he easily could have slid all the way in but he chose to enjoy teasing me with his man hood! He said “you know what looks good?” I moaned & said “what baby?” He said “my black dick sliding in & out of your nice beautiful big white ass!” I said “I want to know one thing before we go any further?” Chris leaned forward & pulled me back toward him & turned my head & kissed me. He then slowly whispered in my ear”WHAT?” I whispered back to him as we kissed some more “how much do you like my ass?” He whispered “I LOVE IT BABY!” I said “would you trade some training to fuck me in my fat ass baby?” He whispered back “oh we could maybe work that out” as we kissed some more as I moaned while he fucked me slowly. We looked good together in the mirror! Chris rapped both of his hands around my tits & slowly massaged them while he stroked my pussy. I rapped my arm around his head as we continued kissing! Chris whispered “oh god that pussy is juicy girl!” I said back “your making it that way baby!” I could tell I was starting to reach an orgasm! Chris kissed all over my neck which was pushing me more over the top! I started panting harder as he pumped me full of that big dick of his! Chris whispered in my ear “you want to cum on that dick don't you?” I couldn't whisper any more, I said “YES BABY” as I looked at him in the mirror! Chris continued to hold my tits & now was giving me these long strokes that made me feel ALL of his dick! I clamped down on his dick with my pussy as my voice was now escalating in volume & said “OH MY GOD YOUR A FUCK GODDESS!” Chris whispered “if I become your trainer are you going to be my sex slave?” I screamed “YES, YES, OH GOD YES”as I started to orgasm! Chris gave me one last long HARD thrust as I started cumming on his dick! He screamed “CUM ALL OVER THAT BLACK DICK GIRL CUM ON IT” as I pushed my ass tight up against him & screamed! I had my pussy tightly clamped around his dick but as I was cumming I was pulsating on it as I went along. Chris screamed “OH GOD GIRL I LOVE THAT!” As I slowed down Chris leaned further forward & started kissing again as he started pumping my pussy again! Finally Chris pushed my upper body down into the bed. Now the fun began! Chris had been slowly making love to me but now he started fucking hard! Chris had a hold of my shoulders pushing them down into the bed & long stroking my pussy. He started picking up the pace as I screamed into the bed sheets! Chris started violently pounding my pussy as he drove my head & shoulders down into the mattress! I was screaming “OH GOD YES, POUND ME BABY POUND ME” as I was pulling the sheets off of the bed! Chris wouldn't let me up, he just pounded my pussy violently as I screamed! Finally he grabbed my long dirty blond hair & pulled my head up as if my hair were a lasso & continued pounding me as he watched me in the mirror! I looked at myself in the mirror getting pounded by this black sex goddess as my 40 DD's bounced out of control. Chris had this viscous look on his face as he watched my ass bounce! I screamed again “OH GOD I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!” I came again as he pounded me while I screamed out of control! Chris continued fucking me hard longer than any man has like this without cumming & then he slowed down & leaned forward & we kissed again as by now I was starting to sweat! He whispered in my ear “I want you to ride me like a horse.” Chris pulled his dick out & rode it up & down the crack of my ass as we continued to kiss! Finally he crawled out from behind me & layed down on the bed. I crawled in between his legs & took his dick back in my mouth & jacked it off with both hands as I looked up at him as he watched me!I sucked his dick like this for a LONG time giving him an academy award winning performance as he watched. I took his dick & ran his head around my red lips & said “I would love for you to blow your load in between this red lipstick!” Chris looked down at me & said “get up on it & ride it & then I will!” I let go of his dick & crawled up on that black stallion & slowly started riding it! Chris grabbed my sagging 40 DD's & massaged them as I threw my head back & rode his big black dick! I moaned “oh god I've never had a black man make love to me like this!” Chris said “what do you mean?” I said as I gasped for air from his pure size that was filling me “every one just pounds me!” Chris let go of my tits & grabbed my ass cheeks & violently started pounding my pussy again as I started screaming in pleasure “OH YES BABY LIKE THAT!” Chris looked up at me gritting his teeth & saying “WHAT LIKE THIS?” As I screamed “OH GOD YES LIKE THAT!” Chris screamed “WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?” I screamed “OH GOD I LOVE THAT!” When he pounded me it was with so much force I felts like his hips were going to jar my head off! No man had ever made me feel like this before!I was holding myself up by his beautiful rock hard sculpted body builders chest while he drove that dick through me! I screamed “GOD YES BABY FUCK ME!” Chris wet ed his finger & drove it slowly up my ass as he continued pounding me as my big titties slapped all over his face! All I could do the hole time was scream “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD”as I came again & again as he forcefully fucked me at his will from his pure strength. No man has ever manhandled me like this either! Chris looked up at me & screamed “ARE YOU READY FROM MY BLACK CUM IN BETWEEN THOSE BEAUTIFUL RED BLOND LIPS?” I screamed “OH GOD YES BABY I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY RED LIPS!” Chris slowed down & I jumped off & violently started sucking his dick as I stroked it with both hands! Chris grabbed my hair & pulled it back & said “LOOK AT ME GIRL, LOOK AT ME!” I looked up at him & worshiped his cock as I could feel it trembling like a volcano! I screamed at him “GIVE ME THAT BLACK CUM BABY, GIVE IT TO ME!” Suddenly Chris shoved my head hard on his dick & screamed “LOOK AT ME BITCH” as he commenced to unload the largest amount of sperm in my mouth any man has ever unloaded in me! I had cum going everywhere because I couldn't keep up with it as suddenly he pulled my head back & screamed “LET IT CUM ON THOSE BIG WHITE TITS!” I let him finish all over my 40 DD's as I jacked his dick off. I then took his dick back in my mouth & finished him off! Chris let go of my head & said “that's a good cougar baby, lick it all up!” I licked my lips as I took his dick & rubbed it all over my cum filled face & then down to my tits. I laughed at him & said “you are the cum king!” Chris pulled me up & we kissed as he helped me lick the cum off of my tits & neck! There was cum all over his chest & I licked it off as I watched him worship his gorgeous chest! I then crawled up to him again as we kissed passionately for what seamed like an eternity! I said “I've never had a man fuck me like that!” Chris said “you are one fine ass cougar!” I said “I was getting worried I wasn't making you happy when you didn't cum for so long?” Chris said “oh no girl I wanted to enjoy this fine pussy so I held it!” I said “you can hold it that long without cumming”in a startled voice? He said “OH YEAH!” We kissed some more & then I got up!
I poured us some more wine & then I walked over to the back deck & walked out onto it . There was a good foot of snow & it was still coming down hard. Chris walked out with me & grabbed me & turned me as we kissed again! I said “it looks like it's going to be a while before you can leave” with a big smile on my face! Chris said “when will your old man be back?” I said “it will be a couple of more days.” Chris said “well then it looks like we have some time on our hands to get acquainted!” I said “yes, you'll be able to figure out what I need to work on the most before we start our workouts.” We walked back in & closed the door. As I walked in behind him, I just couldn't resist, I slapped his nice rock hard black ass! He turned & looked at me & said “you better watch that girl.” I said “why's that, you have a really nice ass?” He said “a black man don't like being whipped.” I slapped his ass again! Chris said “I'm telling you girl!” I put my wine on the dresser & walked up behind him & started kissing his back & I reached around & started pinching his nipples. I then slowly lowered myself down & smacked his ass again & then started kissing it! Chris said “that's what a black man wants.” I looked up & said “what for a white woman to kiss his ass?” Chris said “oh yeah!” Chris stood there as I kissed & bit his ass! I pushed him slightly forward & then started rimming his ass! Chris moaned “oh yeah girl I like that!” I took my fresh finger nails & slowly started tickling his balls as I enjoyed listening to him moan! Chris bent forward a little farther & I spit on my right hand & slowly stroked his dick as I worked him over! I wildly tongued his ass as I massaged his dick & balls! I started talking shit to him & said “do you know what I like Chris?” Chris moaned “what's that?” I said “for a big bruising black man like you to get in behind me & take control!” Chris said “oh with a hot white body like you have I will enjoy that!” I said “does it turn you on that a white woman like me will submit to a big black stud like you?” Chris said “OH YEAH!” I said “does it turn you on that I want to fuck you behind my husbands back because he can't satisfy me like your BIG BLACK DICK CAN?” Chris said “OH YEAH GIRL!” I slapped his ass & said “turn around.” Chris turned around. He stood a good foot & a half taller than me so he was towering over me as I was setting on my knees. I looked up at him as I took his dick back in my mouth! I said “Chris, does it turn you on that a dirty MILF like me wants to be your white slave, that will submit to your every need & let you fuck me & control me any way you want?” He said “OH YEAH” as he moved my dirty blond hair to the side! I looked up at him with my fuck me eyes & said “you know what I want the most” as I wiped my face with his dick? He said “what?” I said as I looked up at him & slowly sucked his dick “YOUR.......BIG BLACK DICK........IN MY ASS!” Chris said “and why is that?” I said “because I want you to control me & make me scream & make me feel every inch of this BIG BLACK POLE in my white ass as I beg for mercy!” Chris said “are you going to submit to my every need & do everything I tell you as a good slave would?” I said “YES MASTER!” Chris said “right now I want you to worship your master's big black cock & tell me how bad you want me to fuck you in your big white ass with IT!” I said “oh I can do that” with a huge smile on my face! Chris said “I want you to make it so fucking big that you have the fear of god in you because of how bad it will hurt!” I said “OH I'LL DO THAT MASTER!” I slowly sucked & worshiped his cock as I watched him with my fuck me eyes & continued talking shit to him! I said “I want you to make me scream in pain as you stick this black cock in my ass!” I grabbed his now sopping wet dick both hands & slowly stroked it as I sucked him off! Chris said “I want you to be my dirty white whore!” I said “OH I CAN BE AS DIRTY AS YOU WANT!” Chris said “I like seeing you on your knees submissively sucking my black cock!” I said “does it turn you on looking at this blond sucking your cock?” He said “oh yeah!” I said “why don't you lye down on the bed & let me show you something else.” Chris lied down on the bed & I crawled up in between his legs & got on all 4's & stuck my fat ass up in the air. I said “do you like what your seeing in the mirror?” He looked in the mirror behind me and saw me tight fat ass hole looking at him & said “is that mine?” I said “it's yours to fuck as you wish” as I took his big dick back in my mouth again with both of my hands around it stroking it! I continued sucking & worshiping his cock what seemed like forever as he watched me enjoy it & watched my fat ass in the mirror! He said “I love looking at you suck my black dick & those big saggy white titties as you do it!” I said “does it turn a young guy like you on to fuck on older white woman like me?” Chris said “oh I wouldn't consider you old just a fucking hot white bitch!” I sucked his cock a little more as he looked at my fat ass in the mirror. I looked up at him & said “my husband has been ignoring me lately & I need to be fucked on a regular basis.” Chris said “OH GIRL I'm going to rock this bed like it's never been before!” Finally he pulled me up to him & we started kissing again as I stroked his cock! He got up then & got in behind me & started licking my ass hole. I pushed my head into the bed & moaned! He did it so well! He bit & massaged my cheeks as he got me ready! Before it was over with I had another orgasm but that was irrelevant to what was about to come! Chris then got up on his knees after I got done screaming from another orgasm & got on his knees behind me. I looked up in the mirror as he spit on his dick & rubbed it in. I had never had somebody enter my ass without lube before. OH GOD as he started sticking it in did I exploded screaming! His huge head busted my ass hole wide open! Chris said “listen to your fine white ass scream!” I screamed “OH MY GOD!” He pulled his dick back out & bent over & licked my ass again & then he spit in it. He raised back up & spit on his dick again & then started feeding it back in my ass. This time he got the head all the way in as I screamed “OH GOD IT FUCKING HURTS!” He laughed & said “LISTEN TO YOU SCREAM GIRL AS THAT BLACK DICK BUSTS THAT ASS WIDE OPEN!” I screamed “OH MY GOD I'VE NEVER HAD ANYBODY STICK IT IN LIKE THAT BEFORE” as he pulled it out & spit on it again and then started reasserting it! He screamed “LISTEN TO YOUR FINE ASS SCREAM!” I screamed louder than I ever have in my life as he stuck his BIG BLACK COCK in me! Chris said “FEEL THAT BLACK DICK GIRL” as he continued driving it in me as he watched me scream & grimace in the mirror! He laughed & smiled as he said “I LOVE HEARING YOUR WHITE ASS SCREAM FROM THE PAIN OF THAT BLACK DICK!” I tried to bury my face in the sheets but he continued screaming at me “LOOK AT ME IN THAT MIRROR BITCH, LOOK AT ME!” I looked up at him the best I could as he kept slowly feeding that big black cock in my ass! I screamed “OH MY GOD THAT FUCKING HURTS!” He laughed at me & said “WITH THE BLACK COCK COMES PAIN WHITE GIRL!” He slowly started sliding it in & out of my ass as I started stretching more around it. He pulled me up as he got it further in me & leaned over me & we started kissing as he turned my head around! He whispered in my ear “you feel that black cock stretching your tight fat white ass girl?” I gasped for breath & said back “OH YES” whimpering as I did it! He slowly pumped my ass hole as I screamed “OH GOD PLEASE TAKE IT EASY ON ME!” He laughed at me as I was begging for mercy! He whispered to me “do you love my black dick girl” laughing some more as he said it? I moaned “OH GOD YES I LOVE YOU!” He said “listen to how your white ass is so hypnotized by that black dick!” I screamed “OH GOD I CAN FEEL EVERY FUCKING INCH OF YOUR BIG BLACK DICK IN MY ASS!” I had never had anybody stick there dick in my ass without lubing it & the more he gave me the MORE I LOVED IT! He whispered in my ear “I look good in the mirror fucking your ass girl!” I looked over and saw him smiling at me as he was mounted to my ass! I said back “you feel good fucking my ass!” He was all the way in me now & I loved his LONG slow strokes so I could feel every bump on his dick. He started slowly picking up his stroking pace! He pushed me flat against the mattress & got on top of me & drove his cock deep in my ass as he stroked me as I watched him in the mirror! I looked at him in the mirror & said “I love seeing that godly black body of yours on top of me as you pound my tight white ass!” He said “I LOVE this big fat ass of yours girl!” He spread my ass cheeks real wide & gave me every inch of that big dick & now he was really fucking me harder & faster as I watched & moaned in pleasure! He leaned forward and we kissed some more as I was screaming harder “FUCK MY TIGHT ASS YOU BASTARD!” I SCREAMED “OH YEAH THATS IT UH HU!” He was driving me down into the mattress as I screamed for more! He screamed “YOU LIKE THAT BLACK DICK DON'T YOU BITCH?” I screamed “OH GOD YES!” He screamed “YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS BY THAT BLACK DICK DON'T YOU GIRL?” I said “GIVE ME THAT BLACK DICK, GIVE IT TO ME!” His big ass was driving me down into the mattress even harder now! He slowed down as I turned my head & said “don't slow down honey!” He grabbed my hips & pulled me up off the mattress & started pounding my asshole even harder as he laughed! I started screaming again “OH GOD YES, OH GOD FUCK ME!” Chris yelled “LOOK AT THOSE BIG WHITE ASS CHEEKS BOUNCE” as he laughed! I could see us in the mirror & my ass cheeks were bouncing like mad! He yelled “ARE YOU GOING TO BE MY WHITE WHORE?” I yelled “OH YES, GOD YES!” He yelled “I'M GETTING READY TO CUM GIRL!” I screamed “I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY MOUTH!” He pumped me hard for a little longer & then he pulled out! I jumped off the side of the bed as he stood up. He jacked his dick off all over my face & tits! I then took his dick & finished it off! I looked up at him & said “OH MASTER I love your big black dick in my white ass!” Chris said “OH GIRL I LOVE YOUR FAT WHITE ASS!” I said “do we have a deal” as I ran my tongue up his dick? He looked down & said “OH YEAH GIRL” as I looked up at him & laughed!
We were snowed in for two days & all we did was FUCK! Needless to say I've got a new fuck trainer! I also have some more stories to tell about that. It even includes some bondage which I had never done before!


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Only thing is, for old farts like me with tired old eyes, breaking it up into paragraphs would be REALLY helpful.
Sorry Guys! I wrote this on my notepad & then copy & pasted it here. I had it in paragraphs but for some reason when it transfered it didn't do that. I'll remember to proof read it on here before I post the next story!
By the way, Thank you for the compliments!