Blindfold fantasy came true


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A while ago I had an Ashley Madison profile, perhaps one of the few non-bots on the site? lol. One day one of the guys who pinged caught my attention. He didn't have a real pic of himself on his profile. That was not uncommon, so I asked him to unlock his private pics. He replied that he wanted to fuck me without my ever seeing who he was. Normally this would be an instant delete! But he intrigued me with his articulate writing and genuine proposal. He said he'd get a room and leave me a key hidden in the lobby, then he would stay out of the room. I'd go to the room alone, put on a blindfold, and await him.

After talking with him a couple of times on the phone, I felt he was not a creep and decided to say yes. Hubby couldn't be present, per our agreement. I would call hubby and keep my phone on during the encounter so that hubby could monitor, but he couldn't watch. Neither my husband nor I ever saw pics of the man.

The day came and I went to the hotel. I was apprehensive but confident that the venue was mainstream enough that someone would not be inclined to do anything untoward in such a place. I found the key, went to the room and called hubby. I lay the phone down and put on a scarf I had rolled into a blindfold. I opted to go all the way with this fantasy encounter turned real, so I ensured I couldn't see. After a short while I heard him enter. He told me to masturbate and soon I had made myself climax. Then he fucked me. Before he came he pulled out and had me suck him to an orgasm. As I fought to swallow his cum he withdrew and splashed his jizz on my mouth and chin. Then he took photos with the camera hubby had provided. I rested a bit and chatted with this man, all while being unable to see him. Then he led me to the bathroom and sat me on the commode so I didn't fall, and gave me a towel to clean my face. I kept the blindfold on. Soon I felt a semi-rigid cock bumping my face and took him into my mouth. He grew harder and pumped until he was on the verge of cumming and then he pulled out and splashed a surprisingly large load onto my tits. I held still while he fetched the camera and took pics. After that he said he was leaving. I waited in the bathroom until I heard the door close, then I took off the blindfold, told hubby I was fine, showered and left.

I never saw him before or after.