Black's potencial speaks by its own

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    When I told my husband how my last ex black boyfriend had fucked me several times during our three year's relation ship, I didn't talk him about his sexual potencial or penis size at first. It was something that my husband realized by himself, calculating the short time between one and other fuck (sometimes get a new erection took him only seconds), my orgasms intensity, screams, places where we fucked (that allowed him to know about the sexual urgency that we were been having) and more details like these.
    Taking in count that my last black boyfriend before my hubby, was not handsome, cute or tall, it turned the situation more exciting to my husband.
    He aroused that my ex was a kind man, so sexy despite he was not cute, virile and with enough sexual potencial to fuck me all the times that we wished to.
    Did you have an explanation from your wife or anything else about the incredible black male potencial?
    Or was it anything that you already knew?
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    i suspected...but she confirmed it. her 48 yr old BBC would cum in her twice each time the got together, often without pulling out or getting soft. he was a stud.