Blackmailed by Daughter Part 2 of 3 ( A Real Story)

In the first part I told you about my relationship with Ang. ,and how we involved in this relationship , Now her Daughter discovered the whole story . I told you also how Emma blackmailed me and her mother .Now let me tell you more about Emma. Emma have the same angle face that sweet smile on her face but she not match her mother in one thing which is her eyes. Emma’s eyes easy to be read the first thing you can see in her eyes is she in not that easy, she is that kind of girl that can force all around to do what she need to be done.

And what made me more worry about the end of the story is what her mother told me about how she saw Emmy with her BF in the same bed , when her mother come to home early to hear her only daughter moaning like a whore while that guy talking to her daughter like a dirty slut . How she treated Emma after that day , How Emma ‘s father asked Emma to not see that gay again and how he kept Emma for the rest of the month in-house not allowing her to leave.

Ang. believe that Emma’s BF is using her, he is not independent, and not rational to maintain the relationship with Emma , How he can push her to drugs ( simply because she believe he is on drugs) .

No matter how Emma try to explain how much she like her BF, How much he is Caring and how much she need her BF beside her. And she control everything and she still virgin

From my Point of view I believe Emma , want to do two things ,First thing is to tell her mother that you are a whore so I am only doing like you , Secondly now it is the time to revenge you destroyed my life so it is my turn to so in return.

Emma’s father is a very rich man so he used to control his wife, daughter life as he manage his business. So he is looking of a prestigious boy to be her BF not that gay she slept with.

Al of this jumped in my mind when we have the first meeting. ME, Ang. and her daughter. From the first minute in that meeting in that hotel lobby I discover that we are dealing with a real bomb not a 17 years old daughter. We meet at that hotel lobby as arranged by Ang. but later we discovered we cannot go forward in this because Emma is very nervous, angry when her mother try to explain that relation between me and her.

So we have a new plan to meet in their house in working hour so no one in the house. So we have a plan to meet in their house 3 days later and that made Emma more anxiety cause she thought we playing with her and we do not believe her .

To be honest we have a real plan me and her mother to have these 3 days to think about what scenarios we can have, and how we can solve this with minimum losses.

But because we cannot guarantee How Emma will behave if she lost her mind we decided to arrange that meeting next day in her room in the house.

I was very nervous even her mother feel the same. Emma not talking to her mother anymore she believe she is in a real war and she should ignore hear till we compromise that.

We met that day morning about 10 AM after the further left to his work and we had a backup plan in case anyone asked what we are doing in that room .

I ringed the bell. Ang. opened the door for me she look seriously nervous. it is my first time to she Ang. like that . She take me to Emma room , she is wearing a shot jeans , and T-shirt. She was working in her laptop, we entered the room and wait will she finished.

When her mother asked her to join us to solve this issue Emma told her mother “ she is working in the same issue’.

Five minutes later Emma told us the grab chairs to her desk.
The room have only one chair , so Ang. graped the other chair from the next room .

The Emma turned on the TV . that make her Mother scream on her but only for 30 second before me and Ang. Surprised.

The surprise is that a full list of all our video conversation on Skype , Yahoo , and IP calls is show in that screen . EVERYTHING. the full history .

How her mother stop screaming I believe Emma can see the fair on her mother and my face. I cannot denay that we have a real sock when we saw all this .

( to be continued)