Blackmailed by Daughter Part 1 of 3 ( A Real Story)

(Part One)
Names have been changed
It is a long story but let me give you the milestone . The last thread remind me about that story i have with a white American wife .
Her is the story .
The story begin when Ang. 41 Y.o white girl friend (Ang. married to rich man) called me night telling me that her daughter 17 years old blackmail her mother and her black Lover ( me) .
Ang. was a very sexy lady even when she is 41 she look like 28 years old . she have a very shaped body , nice sexy boobs, DD , sexy face with angel smile .
We know each other in nightclub one night we keep calling, chat for about a month before met for our first fucking date in my room it was amazing to have a luxury woman that can be horny and have a very powerful orgasm every time i do her. Some time i am worry when doing sex with her and and have that strong orgasm she look like a woman dies .
This relationship extended for 9 month before the real story begin . Because me and Ang. chated a lot using IP phone and Skype , all our calls meeting we have recorded by her daughter Emma , and to make it worst her daughter watched us many time doing sex in Ang. bed room . she watched every thing even hear mother scream moaning having all fun with me . i believe Emma have a bad relationship with her BF , So she decided to use whatever she can to destroy her mother enjoyment in return.
In that phone call Ang. told me that Emma recorded every thing between me and her mother and she will tell her father every thing if we do not met next day. Her mother tried to make it look easier for her mother but Emma have every thing top destroy me , her mother , even the wealth her mother have .
We met next day in that motel to keep every thing as secret as we can . and Emma talked to me and her mother that her mother have everything she want , but Emma haven't .
Now she demanding me to have sex with her like i have with her mother . She prepared every thing as expert. Me and Ang have nothing to do except do what ever we can to avoid that scandal .
( To Be Continued)

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I'm sorry, but I agree with Dimida. Couldn't really understand what you were trying to say. I can tell that English is not your first language (sorry, but that's pretty obvious), but you need help from someone else who speaks both your mother tongue and English in order to express what you're trying to say.