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I Have noticed the lack of black women on this site there are Indian women White women Asian women AND Latin seeing as this is a INTERRACIAL SEX SITE i have decided to start this tread celebrating black on white sex and breeding from another angel :p:D:balanced: the amount of Black women and Indian women dating and marrying and having children with WHITE MEN is sky rocketing in the UK and the EU just like and as much as it did between black men and white women back in the late 90's and early naughty's 2000-2006 which is a good thing i think!!! what do you think??? why are black women going 4 white men more and more!!!:happy: anyway here comes the sexy pics :hot:THERE WILL BE MANY MORE 2 COME:bounce: [/ATTACH] d1.jpg
Yeah man, I believe thats the whole part that Cuck enthusiasts get into is degradation. I get it. Am I a cuck? No. But I like to watch it. And it all goes both ways. So I just enjoy every kind of women. :)