Black Pregnancy/Impregnation


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We find it VERY hot! Even though we'll not have one at this point she did miscarriage once with a black baby from her first black guy she had sex with, from that point on she was more careful and made sure she was protected.......
To add a little more to this,
When she told me about her fantasy to fuck black guys there was a black guy at work that was hitting on her and she said she was thinking about letting him screw her, as hot as I thought it was I didn't think she was serious enough to do it and I DID NOT encourage her. Well about 2-weeks later she left me, come home from work and there was a letter and wedding rings on the table. Her best friend told me she was dating a guy at work about 2-weeks later but she didn't know who he was. As soon as I heard that I knew who it was, she left me for a black guy, imagine that. This went on and I actually filed for divorce after about 6-weeks later and not hearing from her then one night I ran into her in a local nightclub and she was a total mess, telling me she had gotten pregnant and it was by the black guy at work but she had just miscarriaged and also found out he was married, she claims she didn't know he was married. I wished her well and said goodbye. About 2 months had passed and a very good mutual friend of ours passed away, one thing lead to another and we ended up back together but this time it was with the understanding that she could freely have sex with black guys as long as they was clean and this was with my approval this time. Well here we are many years later, she still has her black sexing and we are happily married. During this time she has admitted to doing 10 different black guys and has no plans of quitting. She does not have sex with them around me, yet.....

True story of how this all happened so hubby's beware and be prepared if she decides to go black, you WILL have to make concessions if you want to save your marriage.


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Very arousing photos. The white woman so proud of the black baby she has given birth to for their Black Man. Why is that when a white woman gives birth to a black fathers baby, the baby has extreme black features and color? Only a slight hint of the mothers witeness.

Any more photos out there?
Of coures the offspring will appear to be more like the black father. Even though it shares equal amount of genes of the white mother and the black father the negro genes will dominate over the white genes.