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Black-Owned World Cometh!


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It's a New Year, and with the start of every year comes new resolutions, new hopes and dreams, coupled with plenty desires as to what we desperately want.

Progress runs through our minds however we want. Enough of what we failed to have last year. This is the year to change the clock. To make things run our way - this is the year we start to create a Black-Owned world.

Plenty of hubbies the world over are waking to embrace this dream, this lifestyle of ours. Plenty of couples, not just in the U. S. of A., but as far as England, the countries of Europe, Saudi Arabia, India, and all other Asian countries, including lovely Australia. Just like the aftermath of a giant mushroom cloud of explosion, the reverberation is spreading like wildfire to even the most remote places in the world. More and more couples are coming out of their hiding places, learning to discover that such ideas and desires aren't just left to rot in their heads. More white bois of all ages are seeing the reality of what’s before them. This is something they've always wanted for themselves but simply knew not how to ask for it, let alone even voice out the notion to others.

The idea that plenty of white couples can become open and plain with their submissive desires, that more and more hubbies are looking into themselves and coming to terms with their cuckolding role, and of wanting to embrace their sexuality. Not just for themselves, but for their wives as well. That more white bois too desire the notion of becoming subs toward giving their women to a Black Master's handling, of them becoming sissified so they too can enjoy the fruits of serving in a Black Master's harem is an idea that wont be slowing down any time soon.

For how long has this idea been hiding from the world? Let it be known it has existed for hundreds of years, mostly in the heart of America, where it had suffered under the sweltering hardship of archaic Jim Crow laws. Who would have thought that the time won't come when the white man's grip around the black man's throat won't loosen. And that the white man won't come to realize that the whole time, it had been he who'd had his own hands wrapped around his throat instead. That he has lost track with his sexual rhythm, and the only means of getting back in harmony with nature is for him to re-acquaint and re-learn himself with his place to serve a Black Master.

Read the rest here: http://damiendsoul.blogspot.com/2014/01/black-owned-world.html

How many of you would love to see this happen this year?