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    I wonder if anybody can help??. I have seen a couple of pictures of a white couple as slaves to a black master, both pictures were covered by the above title.
    In picture 1: caption read "THE FUTURE???. The picture showed a well built older black master (40ish), standing naked legs wide apart with his very impressive cock danglingdown his thigh. I n both hands he is holding a dog leash, which are connected to a dog collar, on a young, blonde white couple, who are kneeling ( facing the camera) with their knees spread wide. On his right is the wife, naked except for a garter belt and black stockings (pulled tight). On the other side is the husband naked except for a cock cage (and padlock). both have their hands on their thighs , showing their wedding rings. The facial expressions are neutral (except for white husband who has a slight smile, all are looking directly into the camera lens.
    In picture 2: captioned "NOW!!". T he picture is an exact replica of the first, EXCEPT, that the wife and black master have a slight smile and husband is looking down and unhappy. And the wife is in the latter few weeks of pregnancy.
    I have tried to trace these pictures without success, as i think they are the very apittamy of what is now becoming the norm.
    If any body has copy or seen these pics please post where, (thank you for that). Also i would be very interested to see other similar or related thread pictures/storys/comments on the above subject.
    Especially from slave couples, black masters.
    Once again thank you for reading this and in anticipation of your comments and picture(s)
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    I would love to see these pictures. :)
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    Marriage must be full of fun. :)