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    This is a true story that happened when I and my friend were on vacation in the south of France.
    Once we arrived we were happy to find that we were staying in a beautiful hotel. We spent most of the first day around the pool. We ended up at the bar after the sun went down and treated ourselves to more than a few rum and punches. The bartender was a really nice black guy named Maurice. After a few drinks Maurice asked what we were doing the next day and I told him when the pain in my back was gone we would make a trip to Montpellier. He said that he could help me because in the evening his job was giving massages. He asked me if a will try a massage and I said it was ok. We agreed that he after dinner to our hotel room would come for a massage.
    When he entered the room the atmosphere was electric as heasked meto undress.
    "Lie on your stomach and we'll do your back first." He said . I followed his instructions and Maurice spread oil on his hands and began to slowly and rhythmically rub his hands up my body, first one and then the other.

    After what seemed ages, he moved onto my thigh slowly and massaged each one for a few minutes. His hands crept higher between my legs and I felt my body relaxing to his touch. He said he was afraid the oil would stain my thong, and without a word, i raised my mid-section off the bed allowing Maurice to hook his fingers into either side of the lace and slowly ease them down. As he continued his massage, he gradually spread my legs a wider. At first i resisted and closed them again, but he was persistent and after closing my legs several times i finally gave up my resistance and allowed him to open my legs. Now Maurice's well-oiled hands went higher, covering one of the cheeks of me behind, then his fingers ran down between my cheeks, brushing the lips of my pussy before going back down my thigh. When his fingers brushed my pussy lips, i jumped and said, "No, not that." But Maurice repeated this maneuver several times and eventually i relaxed with each touch and began to enjoy his intimate touching.

    Before starting on the other leg he said he was too hot and stripped off his shirt and trousers, leaving only a small pair of briefs which bulged alarmingly. I had my eyes closed but still laughed and told him to be careful not to stain his knickers! So, with a laugh, he took them off to reveal his growing erection. I was quick to notice the massive cock that Maurice sported. Even half-hard it was huge, much, much larger than the one of my boyfriend and getting bigger by the minute.

    Maurice began rubbing my other leg and soon he was again brushing my pussy with his fingertips. There was no longer any resistance. I was loving it and purred like a kitten. He then asked me to raise my hips and he slipped a small pillow under me. The pillow under my hips, had the effect of opening my rear, exposing my pussy and making his access much easier. I could feel my pussy juices ran out.

    Maurice's strokes became even more intimate - up the inside of my legs, across my pussy lips and down the inside of the other leg. My breathing increasing in tempo as the effect of his gentle hands on my clit took it's toll on my composure. I was rapidly losing control and Maurice was taking charge.
    Now Maurice was openly massaging my pussy and rear, with his middle finger slipping into my anus and his thumb caressing my clit. Then he told me to turn over. He massaged the front of my thighs and my stomach, and my breasts and making no attempt to hide the attention he was giving my pussy. He poured oil on my stomach and let it run down between my legs. Then he reached below my pussy and scooped the oil in his fingers and pulled it back up on my stomach again. I loved this and he repeated it several times. I was very excited. I realized that i was lost to Maurice and that he could now do anything he wanted with me.
    Maurice knelt beside me and placed my arm between his legs so that he could massage the muscles of my arm. He'd positioned my hand so that it was directly under his cock and balls and as he resumed his massage he lowered himself until his balls were just touching the palm of my hand. At first i didn't respond but then my hand gently close and begin caressing those massive balls. Maurice leaned forward to kiss me, his mouth closing over mine and I could feel his black tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I responded with a soft moan, and sucked it eagerly into my mouth.

    Maurice now moved slowly and deliberately, placing first one knee and then the other between my legs. Now he was lying on top of me, with my arms around his back as we kissed deeply. He pushed his pelvis into me and i slowly moved my legs wider apart to accommodate him as he ground into me. Then he lifted my legs and i responded by raising them up and wrapping them around his waist.
    Maurice raised his hips and spread his legs apart so that I could felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. With one hand he rubbed the head of that enormous cock at my pussy entrance, back and forth, back and forth. I was mewing like a kitten, loving the feel of his cock at my pussy entrance. He knew he had me and he wanted to savor this moment. For what seemed like an eternity he rubbed his cockhead against my clit causing me to jump with each contact. My hips moved up trying to capture him but he kept me at bay. When I asked him to use a condom, I got the answer that he was disease-free and that the feeling is so much better without a rubber

    Finally, he slowly pushed the head of that massive instrument into my very wet pussy. Slowly, first just the head and then an inch at a time I felt that huge cock disappearing into me. Then lifted my legs onto his shoulders so that I could felt how completely he was taking me. It was an incredible feeling.

    His cock slowly pulled out until the tip was barely resting on my lips before he went back in to the hilt. I moaned with the effort of taking such a large cock, but i was loving it. He pushed in again slowly and withdrew all the way out again. As his cock slipped out of me I raised my hips to follow it, not wanting to lose the touch. Again he came forward and again, the head and shaft disappeared into me, and then completely out again and back in, each stroke with a slowly increasing pace, and a little deeper penetration. I was absolutely loving the fucking i was getting from this large black man.

    Then his pace began to quicken. He was now fucking me harder and faster, and harder and faster. Maurice began driving hard into me, but i made no effort, gave no sign that I was in the least bit uncomfortable with the pounding he was giving me. In fact it seemed that i was loving it and encouraging him on. Then, I could feel the beginnings of my climax, the little sound i made as each down stroke drove deep into me. Quietly at first and then louder and louder until i was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, oh Yes! Please fuck me! Harder, Harder! Harder!" I came with a loud shriek and then wrapped my arms and legs tightly around him as my orgasm took control of my body.

    "Oh yes, fuck me! Harder!" i screamed, "Come in me! I want to feel you cum. Oh, please cum! Cum!"

    His pace became quicker - almost frantic and he pounded that huge cock deep into me. Then with a loud grunt he drove hard into me and with a series of short lunges he exploded inside me and emptied his seed deep in my womb just as I gotfor the umpteenth time a orgasm. We were totally exhausted.
    The rest of the week Maurice visited us several times and it was the best vacation we ever had and we can’t wait to return.

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