Black man makes your wife cum!


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We are not going to find amanswer in a profesional xxx videos, but in the homemade movies.
Axel our black friend has made my wife cum everytime they had sex since our first date. He is as interested in give pleasure as well as receive it.
But what's your opinion. Are your black partner inerested in make you cum or he just look for his own pleasure?
Not sure if interested, I am sure they are since they want to have repeat encounters most likely. Either way though I think I have cum with all them multiple times.. Sometimes more times then I can count, A whole bunch of little ones and a few big ones during the sessions. LOL
It really runs the whole spectrum. Some just are interested in their own pleasure and fuck hard until they cum, then to hell with it. Others go out of their way to make me really get hot and aroused and make sure I am on the verge to cum hard before taking care of themselves. Then there is a whole range of guys between those two extremes. Flcouple38 is right, the ones genuinely interested in a repeat performance will take care of the female first. If I get no satisfaction, there is NO repeat performance.
I have watched my wife squirt for the first time from cumming on a bbc she had and he done her in all position that night in front of me. he eat her pussy until she came and she was forcing him to stop licking her because she was sensitive after cumming. Then he had her on the floor with a leg up on the couch and done her like that. then flipped her over on the couch and fucked her hard with her on her back. then jacked her ass up and drive his large cock down into her pussy making her cum harder. she then rode him and after that he done her doggie style and asked her to tell him where she wanted him to cum and she said she wanted his black cum in her hot wet pussy. He then grab her shoulders and pulled her back on to his cock and started cumming in her and stayed until his cock was soft and she was over filled. It was so freaking awesome.


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Wife has never cum with a black man fucking her yet. She has used a vibrator while being fucked by BBC and cum that way but never by his efforts alone.
The weird thing is that when we have our normal sex, she gets off and cums with fantasies about BBC. But when she fucks with a BBC and gets herself off with her tool, she is thinking about sex with me?

I love women, but I will never understand them :blackheart:


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Yeah, they make her cum. Everytime. The first time I saw her riding a huge black cock, and cumming on him, and screaming in pleasureike I had never heard...... I was like "Damn! Wtf!.". LoL. I was both jealous and envious, but put that aside because I knew I had to see that again. And again. And again. LoL. And I have. Many times. It's always a sight to see.