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Black Male Strippers


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My Girl told me she use to go to male strip clubs with her friends for their birthdays, one time her friend was getting a dance from some black stripper in the corner of the room.
she was sitting on a chair and "he was on his knees thrusting hard and ruff" my girl said she saw from a distance. her friend later told them that he was actually fucking her with his huge dick and obviously without a condom, they were in shock.

next was her best friend ended up going home with a stripper and another day then had him come over with a friend to my girls old apartment, while her friend was in the room getting pounded by him, his friend put on a show for the girls dancing and waving his big dick around in their faces but ended up leaving. a week later my girl sees the stripper that fucked her friend at a gay bar, then he tried hitting on my girl and she was like hell no your bi and that was that.

if you ever fucked a male stripper post your story here..


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Was not one of the strippers but there manager.

We had a group who came to Australia for a tour and the girls in the office organized a table at one of there shows .

Very pleasant guys but as you can imagine young very fit and well hung especially the black boys , the girls went wild and most had special treatment as I was the mum of the office and reluctant at there advances I retreated to the bar where I met there manager.

He was so nice and we laughed at the antics but watching virtual sex acts was such a turn for me and he knew I was getting hot so he stroked my legs and nibbled my neck and I was letting him.

The next thing I remember was his fingers tubing my very wet fanny and his tongue entering my mouth we kissed for ages and I let his fingers enter me.

He grabbed my hand and led me to an office where he removed my dress and knickers sat me on the desk unzipped his trousers pulled out a huge black cock and justrammed it into me I gasped at the size but had no chance to say no , the hurt turned to pleasure and his verbal abuse was making me orgasm we fucked for ages and then he filled me I felt like a raged doll but loved every second.
My wifey went to a male strip show for a bachelorette party at a friends house. the black male was hung and handsome and wifey liked a lot after the show several of the girls and the guy went to blue martini disco and they all danced with the guy and he was dirty dancing them all. wifey did not want the other girls to see her with the guy alone so one by one they left except for wifey and another asian hottie. 2am and the guy did not have a car with him so wifey agreed to drop him off. he told her he was glad she took him because he wanted wifey . they are both tequila drunk they go to his apartment and she said wthin 10 minutes he had her dress off and she is on her knees sucking his cock he grabbed her head and mouth fucked and he cums in her pretty mouth he then whips her up and carries her to the bed and throws her on the bed pulls her g-string panties off and proceeds to fuck her with the big cock he had been grinding on her all night after they both came hard, ( he fucked her in all positions bareback ) they kind of drifted off both drunk an hour hour later she is awakened by who she thought was him, but it was his roomate also black a big guy maybe 6'4 and 275 pounds and she was shocked the guy said you came to get black fucked and its my turn and he whiped her around like a doll and he fucked her bareback too, she is kind of a sub so she liked it, and was cared at the same time he fucked her dropping 2 loads in her well fucked pussy and when he finished. he said you little whore you gotta leave myu girl gonna be off work soon and with that she threw on her dress and rushed out of there. sore and cumfilled and drove home.
she told me all about it. she was sore and was bow legged but she did get her pussy worked over good. (Hurts so good) sexy asians 048.JPG