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Black male looking in NYC with a fantasy


Real Person
I am looking for a attractive female in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens

have a fantasy My fantasy is being invited over by a very attractive lady. As i ring her bell, she answers her door naked and takes me by the hands and leads me to her bedroom. Her bed room will only be lit by red light bulb's She than pushes me on the bed and begins to kiss me with passion slowly and starts to take my clothes off. She pulls my penis out and begins to ride me slow. As she begins to climax, I began to fuck her from underneath getting harder as i hear her moaning as she pulls me in closer to her body kissing me as we enjoy this pleasure. I than i flip her doggy style where i began to fuck her like a man coming home from prison and than I cum deep inside of her wet pussy. Than i pull my pants up and leave................ 11221760_10208121704546180_7277274034253596983_n.jpg 12316460_10208121677425502_6390255626286525299_n.jpg 12308727_10208121495900964_5552834571836399178_n.jpg 12279225_10208121458580031_7143738656501300502_n.jpg 12346431_10208125584163168_8594543835286196994_n.jpg 12341365_10208125584043165_7632672965896020280_n.jpg 12301673_10208125584003164_91068331838474725_n.jpg 12342672_10208125583923162_8304570552180105245_n.jpg 12314105_10208125583643155_7935050983257146038_n.jpg 12289647_10208125583603154_7286095345491105821_n.jpg 12341056_10208125583563153_7081147996673640482_n.jpg If you are attractive lady who has this fantasy i would love to do this with you several times this year

KIK: gangbangking4ever