Black guys, How was your first trio experience?


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Hello Susana, Yes, I've had a number of "trios" too...each of them were exciting. The hubby's/bf's were wimps or "short down there" and the wives/gf's were sexual goddesses and appreciated my presence. I left plenty of creampies.
by trio, I assume you are excluding the cuck.

I've only done it twice, I brought in a friend one time because the first hotwife I was with really wanted to try it. Wasn't really my thing, I guess I just really don't like to share my toys.

The second time was actually the same friend, years later, he had gotten in the game and had a hotwife he was wanting ot impress, and I owed him one. Still aint my thing. It was fine, I busted a nut in her mouth, but I prefer 1-on-1 to be honest, to each his own.