Black guys.... Do u prefer black

I find White girls to be the most consistently enjoyable, but...I don't descriminate. ;)

There are super sexy chicks in EVERY race/ethnicity and I'd fuck'em all, if I could.
i just though i best point out i realise i have no chance with any women lol! x
Hey useless_wht_boy! You say you realize that you don't have a chance with any woman, that may be true today. Your problem is you were born to late. If you were around back in the 70s , 80s and even the 90s and you looked like you do now, you would probably be getting all the white pussy you wanted. You are a good lookin young guy, good body, cute face. You would have had no problem getting pussy back then. Now whether you could have sexually satisfied them I don't know. But unfortunately for you, and all young white bois, today you don't have a chance against The Black Man. They are better than us, we can't compete. I doubt that this makes you feel any better though.