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Black guy makes your wife Squirt for the first time


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this is the most humiliating thing ever.

ive been married to my wife for a long time and she never squirted with me. I figured she just couldnt do it.

then we started cuckolding and her black lover came over. she had seen him a few times and was enjoying the sex. One day we met at a hotel and he fucked my wife so good. He made her squirt for the first time in her life! she didn't know what it was and was embarrassed. She said "ive never done that before" and the black guy looked over at me and laughed.

my wifes juices all over the hotel room floor was physical proof that his big black cock was superior to mine and gave my wife more pleasure.

then she squirted with him again, and again, and again. she was gushing all over the place and couldnt stop squirting. the bed was drenched and i couldnt believe what was happening.

i have tried many times since then to make my wife squirt and have never been able to do it.

michelle sd

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My wife's first Black Lover made her squirt on their second meeting. They were in our bed and he made her squirt so much we had to change the sheets after he left. I had never seen a woman squirt before much less my wife. I have never been able to make her squirt but just about everyone of her Black Lovers have made her squirt. It is awesome to watch. I have had to sleep in several wet spots in hotel beds. :wub: