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Black guy in Miami

2 years ago me and my wife went on our honeymoon,
Cancun + Miami. week for each destination
clubbing, sex, good food and many more
on the second week where we were in Miami we to a Bar and after I came back from the rest room I saw her smiling and chatting a big black man.
I was furious, backed him away, he didn't push back and went away

"what the hell was that" I asked. we began to fight as she said it was just flirting.
I felt so angry and embarrassed I stepped outside the bar feeling angry.

went by myself on the boardwalk for like half an hour before I decided to head
back to the hotel.

when I came back I was amazed, the big black guy's Dick was in between my wife tits, as 50 cent - Just a lil bit was playing.

confused or traumatized, I don't what was the reason,
I began to masturbate like there was no tomorrow.
at the end of 5 rounds on my wife, I gave the guy 200 US and told him
"Thanks", right after cleaning his cum from his dick with my mouth.

this guy is on this site and is called "coach".

Thank you coach, for making me a limp dick cuckold.