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Black bulls, how would it be your reaction before this situation?


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Suppose that you're incorporated into a couple like lover. The cuckold husband calls you to go home.
When you arrive at their home the husband tells you that he was trying to fuck his wife in doggy but he wasn't able to make her finish, so he asks you to fuck her (because he is sure that you'll be able to give her an orgasm).
Then you go to the bedroom and find that view

How would it be your reaction?
Would you be with your cock hard immediately, just watching that view? Or your cock would have been hard enough to fuck, just hearing at the husband telling you about his inability to make her get an orgasm, reason why he is asking you to fuck her?
If you notice that your cock is already hard, but however she wished to suck it because she likes it, would you be able to do not cum into her mouth during the blowjob?
How many seconds do you think you would last once you're fucking, until reach your orgasm?