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black and 3 inches

hi Im new here I live in uk Im from ghana orginaly but seeking asylum .anyway Im new to this but too many people I see here talking about black man dick size .I wanted to send this becouse something happend to me ..I have always been with black women all my life 4 black women .last october I met this white girl she was 24 she had sex with me first day I was suprised becouse she was beautiful .but then next day .she said that she doesnt want to see me again ...but then she told all her friends my dick was like a pen and too small and making fun of me when they see me..I was upset now she calles me black pen I hate it...now I want try more white women but Im scared they will leave me becouse some of them act like bitch and tell evryone about it .what do I do ?? thank you for reading


Real Person
Not all of us are blessed my friends, some of us aint so lucky =D
Normally when I hear the white girls I fuck gossip around the office, they complain that its too big, or say that they're amazed they can walk.
Enough boasting though, you can simply go to the doctor and have something prescribed
thank you for your replays ..yes thats the truth ..I havent come and said Im black and Im big ..I told u all the truth about myself hope I havent upseted anybody ..I thoght about being a cuck if some women re intrested I think that will help me least having sex .but I dont agree with some people say black cant be cuck I will be watching some white big guys having sex or wat ever .I dont know Im confused .I think I will be free .


Hey, take it easy on your yourself, sticks and stones my friend, you be yourself, your welcome in our home. uk Scotland
Hey Jeff y cock look big for 3 or 4 inch.Are y sure,i think he is around 5-6,it's a around middle size for cock.Thickness is most important & passion of man too.No matter we are white or blacks,to be hot,lusty males.I'm make 4some with black male & our gfs,he and i fuck them very hot & we was same,lusty males & bulls.