Bisexual or cuckold - or both....

I am bisexual. My wife enjoys seeing me enjoy a man's cock as much as she does. I have dated men in the past, but I enjoy sex with women almost as much as I do with men. I admit there are reasons for that, though.

I have stamina and "talent." Every woman I have been with has enjoyed having sex with me and even told their husband's that they could learn from me. Where I learned what I learned was by being a bottom for other men. Between the ages of ten and eighteen I had sex with men often. I learned how to please a woman by doing to women what men had done to me.

I have an appreciation for a woman's body almost as much as I do a man's cock. I do not find men attractive, but I do find men's cocks very attractive, whereas, with women I appreciate their eyes, their breasts, their smiles and their bodies. I believe I have as much appreciation for a woman's worn/used vagina as I do a man's strong, veiny cock. I have a strong appreciation for very thin women. I also have a strong appreciation for a man's cock if it is long and thick even when it is flaccid.

Although I have been mostly with women who have very large breasts, I prefer women who have very, very small breasts. I love seeing a woman, even dressed, if she has a gap between her legs when she stands with her legs togehter. I like women who have thin legs. Yet, I love seeing a man who is well built, too. I like men who take care of themselves. I like men who are toned.

I admit that I like women who look younger, but because of the older men I was with when I was younger, I prefer older men. I have always bottomed with older men. I also admit that I like seeing my wife with younger men. I also know the reason my wife loves to be gang banged. I know this because I used to love being gang banged by men when I was younger.

I believe the fact that I have had sex with both men and women has made me a more balanced person. I admit that I am more comfortable, sexually, around and with men than I am with women. When I was married to my first wife, I went to the adult arcades and met with men I met through Craigslist a lot. Although I got to see my wife with other men, I wanted sex with men more often.

Most everyone my first wife and I knew were poly and pagan. We used to go to a quads house every weekend. And this quad had sex parties all the time. The problem was, at these parties, everyone got sex, but not me. I had the smallest cock there. So, I was not the most desirable. Although I didn't get sex at these parties, I still got horny. I used to watch everyone have sex, then I would go to the gay spa and play with other men. Bisexual men were not well looked at at the sex parties.

On occasion I got to suck a guy or two at the parties, but what I really wanted was to be a bottom to the men I was able to be oral with. I have always felt that if I couldn't have sex with a woman, I could usually find a man to have sex with. As I got older, I found that it was harder to find men on Craigslist that wanted to top another man. Most of the ads now are from men who want to bottom with another man.

I know there are many married men who are bisexual. Many married men prefer having sex with men, but because of convenience have sex with women. It is actually easier to get a woman in bed than it is to get another man in bed with you, as a man. This is why I like to take my current wife to the adult theater. Most men go to the arcade in hopes of getting or giving a blow job. At the theater the men are more prone to fuck a woman if she is available.

I like that my wife will have sex with any man who wants her. I have always found slutty women to be more attractive than other women. When I see a woman that I find to be very attractive, my first thought is how good she would look getting gang banged. When I am at the rec center, or anywhere else I get to see other men naked, if the men have a good looking cock, my first thought is that I would love to see them fuck my wife.

One young man, that my current wife and I saw at the rec center, stood up in the shallow end of the pool. His shorts slipped down and we were able to see his whole, very long, very thick cock. My wife and I both looked at each other and smiled. My wife nodded. I approached the young man and I asked his age. He said he had just turned eighteen. I pointed to my wife and told the young man that my wife found him very attractive, I told him that she had said she wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. He smiled and swam away.

It was when we were leaving, and on our way to our car, that the young man, who's cock we had both admired, approached us. The young man asked if we were serious. My wife told him that if he asked her to go to bed with him that she would. So, he asked. We ended up taking him home with us. We found out that the young man had been a virgin. Although he was a virgin, he had a beautiful cock. He also ended up being able to cum three times.

As I watched the young man with my wife, I kept thinking about how beautiful his cock was. I was also very happy that my wife asked the young man if I could go down on him. He said he had never had sex with anyone and wasn't willing to turn down any sex he could get. Although he was a virgin, he turned out to be a very good lover.

I do not see myself as gay, although I have had sex with many more men than I have women. I consider myself multi-sexual. I love sex, no mater who it is with, male or female. I appreciate both men's and women's bodies. I find women attractive. I do not find men attractive. Although, if I had to chose between having sex with a woman and having sex with a man, I would chose having sex with a man over having sex with a woman.

Does this make me gay? No. I enjoy sex with women as well. And my wife is an amazing lover. And I love seeing her with other men. Just because I prefer sex with men doesn't mean I am gay, it just means that I enjoy sex with both men and women, but prefer bottoming for and being submissive to men.

My wife's live-in lover is the king of our bedroom. And I accept that. He is Black. His cock is three times the size of mine. He attracts women. He has sex with my wife much more often than I do. His brother, his father and his friends have sex with my wife more often than I do. They are not bi because they easily attract women. I am bi because men have always commented about how nice my cock is. And when I was younger, I attracted men very easily.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to have sex with a very thin woman. She was 5'5". She had A cup breasts. She weighed around 100 lbs and had short hair. She was cute. I very much enjoyed sex with her. The fact that I could see her ribs when she lied down turned me on. She is twenty two years old. She and her husband had only been married for almost six months. She had just had sex with my wife's live-in lover when I got to have her. It was some of the best sex I'd had in years. It is my hope that every time my wife's lover has her that I do, too.

I am married to a beautiful woman. I love sex with men, too. I have sex with both men and women. I love that my wife has sex with other men, daily. I enjoy sex with women and I love having sex with men. Simply stated, I am a married cuckold and I am bi-sexual.


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From a femdom perspective, it works too. I am submissive to my girl, and she is submissive to her lover. Never experienced that with a black lover though, I can imagine it to be great! Now I only need to find a girl to experience it with :)
I was Bi long before being married. I consider myself a Hotwife Hubby since I'm not into alot of the aspects of true Cuckold scenes. We've never played with a guy who showed,or admitted, any interest in Bi fun so it has been separate from our MFM fun so far. I usually don't even mention being Bi since most guys shy away from it, I'm told nothing about me even suggests I'd be open to it.
I'm 43 married white man , have been cuckold by big black cock man in previous marriage and it was so hot, the wife now is not into that , I still have fantasies about being in same bed with white woman and bbc. , also I have become more bi curious towards black men , I get wet thinking bout a sexy black man dominating me from the top, never tried it, but I'm ready , maybe soon I will find that special black man to make my dream cum true,