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big, thick, black cum loads

cuckolded wimp

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i love eating blackmans cum, either from my wifes used pussy or from her face. (depending on what the black master wants, (sometimes i get nothing). I love it when its so very thick and creamy, and lots of it. It does seem like im eating it.
What do others prefer, cucks, wives etc? and is there any pics of women/men with a massive thick load on their faces, or soaking their pussys?


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I prefer it for myself, but master decides who get what. Some times he makes wife and i kiss and snowball, but the most important thing is : NONE IS WASTED, NEVER EVER. Blackmans cum is the most valuable liquid on this earth, its a gift he gives his slaves as a reward for there obediance
I would prefer sharing mine with the wife and hubby...



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BLAKE2 063.jpg Wed swung before, but this was the first bbc......Ginger was so impressed buy how big his cock was, but also his balls, like small plums. I licked her pussy from behind, and I could hear here sucking on his cock, then I realized she was sucking on his ball sack, something she normally never did. First time I heard her tell a bull bbc to "breed me, baby".........he finally got behind her, and started pumping her from behind. It was humbling seeing this huge black veiny monster going in and out of here, her pink asshole glistening from her juice and his pre cum. When he told her he was cumming, she reached under and started massaging his balls, coaxing his load into her. HE groaned loadly, then SHE groaned in a surprised way I hadnt heard before. I could see the underside of his cock pumping for what seemed like forever......he finally pulled out, a huge clump of cum dripping out of her. She said it felt like a garden hose inside her, she could feel how hot and thick his load was, and that teh force of it squirting in her surprised her. She laid there for a while, caressing her bull while I finished jerking off for them......Ginger said his one load was as much as a weeks worth of mine. She knows the bulls instinct is to inseminate the woman.......shes since been the receptacle for lots of bbcs and wbcs..........Im proud of her