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bi xl hung master

Detroit here. However, we travel to Europe once a year. The last time we went was outstanding! We had the best luck finding huge BBC that was experienced and like you ready for anything. Can't wait to return if you would like to make future plans.
Let us know we can try to meet
For sure! The best for us both is a huge aggressive black male that is ok with bi also. It leaves every possibility open. I enjoy sucking black cock more all the time and Patty goes nuts when I do. The last time we did anything I met with this guy after Patty had already left and nothing was planned at all and while talking to Patty on the phone I ended up blowing and rimming him while he told Patty about it. She is still jacking off thinking about it and Cummings no problem. And Patty needs a lot of cock to fill her up. So anything that works that good I'm down with.