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So last night my wife told me her fantasy. She wanted to have my best friend fuck her. He was a little hesiatant at first but after some four play my wife was up for anything. my wife took his dick all the way in her and i knew that she was ready to try try two men. Now my friend is about 8.5 inches so my wife was a little nervous. I am the biggest she had ever been with and my friend was a new experience with her. So it took little touching on her before she opened up to wanting his cock.

And hour later my white and korean wife had is dick all the way in her. It was very odvious that my wife has wanted my friends cock for some time now. Me being the husband i am aksked hm to come share my wife.

After 45 minutes of him in her pussy he pulled hid cock out and came all over her ass. We are inviting him over again tonight and hope it goes just as well. She thinks he is a bit nervous but she will soob find out he secreatly wanted her for years. Will post again soon with pics if she lets me. This really happend at 4am this morning and my friend has already agreed to doing it again. I am currently awating my wife to get home. He is already on they way here to fuck her.


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we have friend that we have been playing with for about 10 years I know the first time we talk to him about our lifestyle it made him real nervous and when it di happen he had a little trouble getting hard , but now after 10yr. when come over we might watch tv. have a few beers but before the night is over the 3 of us are naked and the fun begin and he no longer has any trouble getting hard


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the first 2 guys we had mfm with were friends of mine one of them developed feelings for her so it didn't last long. No we have a rule no friends
Same here my wife needs a beer and a cig before she gets ready. My friend who is a bbc played with her ass until her entered her mouth with me in her pussy. Tryin for a dp tonight but she thinks he is too big lol no bbc is to big