Benefits of Cuckolding

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    Wife gets the ultimate sexual experience by being with a big black man. She's satisfied by a much bigger cock.

    Husband gets to watch wife get more pleasure than he could ever give her.

    Wife gets to live out a fantasy (face it, all white women fantasize about big black cock sometime or another)

    Husband doesn't have to worry about wife cheating on him behind his back, since she does it right in front of him with his consent.

    It spices up your relationship and makes your sex life fun again.
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  2. circusill

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    Role reversal. The wife takes on a position of power, while the hubby becomes submissive.

    Wife loses all inhibitions after having sex with a black man.

    Husband gets to watch his wife become sluttier than he ever imagined.

    Husband gets to live out bi-curious fantasies without doing anything 100% gay. (Wearing panties, kissing wife after she sucks big black cock, licking cum off his wife)

    Strengthened bond and trust in one another
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    More! More!!