being honest with your self


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I see a lot of white guys on here who want their wives to go black, but they've never brought up the subject to them because they are either afraid or their wives have no idea that's what their into. If you can be honest with your significant other about what your into you should look at your life and decide what you wanna do. Like me for example I'm a freak a sexual deviant and I embrace it because it's who I am. What do you guys think?
I would suspect that most on here would be considered to be a sexual freak and deviant, to some degree anyway. I have discussed what I want with my wife and both she and I pretty much accept it as kindliness/freaky/deviance. Now, she's not yet as willing to go as far as I am, so I'm taking it slow and pushing nothing on her that she doesn't want or is interested in pursuing.