Being a valuable white cuck

As white cuck wannabes looking for white girls who like black men we often face a dilemma - we are sexually attracted to white women who probably aren't sexually attracted to us! How can we still be partners to such women?
I don't have any definitive answers to this but a do have a few ideas as to how us cucks could be valuable partners and friends to our beloved BBC loving white females.
Many societies here in the West are still deeply racist, albeit below the surface, and this imposes restrictions on interracial relationships. A cuckold relationship could offer a great front for a white female, who on the surface has a white partner, but surreptitiously dates and fucks black men.
Taken further such a relationship could offer a great opportunity for a white female to raise one or more black babies in the supportive confines of a loving cuckold relationship. In such a relationship it's possible for a white female to be black bred without her family knowing she is the mother - I don't support the thinking behind this but am only stating that a cuckold relationship could allow an opportunity for a white female who has parents who find interracial relationships unacceptable.
I'm sure there are many other ways cucks can be valuable partners but this is one that strikes a personal chord! So please let's hear from other cucks (or white females) about ways in which we can be valuable partners too BBC loving ladies.